Peter Baty

Peter Baty was arrested by Texas A&M University Police and booked in Brazos County Jail on May 16 according to Brazos County Jail Records.

The Texas A&M Transportation Services employee was arrested and charged for hiding a video recording device in a women’s restroom, the device uncovered hundreds of videos and photos of unsuspecting victims.

Peter David Baty, a 54-year-old training specialist for the Transportation Services department, was arrested on May 16 for hiding a camera under the sink of an employee women’s restroom in the A&M Transit Building on Agronomy Road. A&M University Police caught Baty visiting the women’s restroom on several occasions over video footage, and found further evidence following a search into his home and vehicle.

The police found the spyware device which contained around 800 videos, almost 20 unsuspecting individuals and a hard drive with additional photos and videos. Baty is currently being detained in the Brazos County Jail on the charge of improper photography or video in a bathroom or dressing room, a felony punishable by up to two years in a state jail.

A&M officials and President Michael K. Young confirmed that Baty resigned from his position following the incident, and the investigation is still ongoing.

“We will not tolerate invasions of privacy against members of our campus community,” said Young in a statement following the incident. “Not only is this behavior a criminal act but it is also deeply counter to the values we hold dear at Texas A&M University. We are fully cooperating with authorities.”

Anyone who thinks they may have been a victim in this incident can contact detective Russell Rogers at with a name and a phone number. Additionally, A&M is offering counseling to the victims through the Employee Assistance Program, which can be reached at 888-993-7650 or online at

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