Second RELLIS Campus

The RELLIS Academic Complex opened on Jan. 26 at the RELLIS Campus in Bryan.

RELLIS Academic Alliance has completed and opened its second academic building on the 2,000-acre campus in Bryan.

Founded in 2016 by the Texas A&M University System, the RELLIS campus opened its doors in 2019. Shortly after, the Blinn College District opened facilities in the complex to provide space for the partnership, known as TEAM, which allows for students to earn associate degrees or take lower-division courses that may be needed for their bachelor’s degree.

The second academic building opened on Tuesday, Jan. 19, welcoming students at the start of the semester with additional space. The building includes innovative classrooms and laboratory spaces, an auditorium and a Learning Resource Center. With RELLIS preparing to open an engineering program, the new building provides much-needed space to facilitate new classes and labs.

“The completion of the second phase of Texas A&M System’s academic buildings at RELLIS strengthens the programs currently offered and opens the door for exciting and innovative new opportunities,” John Sharp, chancellor of the A&M System, said in a press release. “I look forward to seeing the RELLIS Campus continue to grow and serve the surrounding Brazos Valley region and beyond.”

The second academic complex allows students to have greater access to resources on the RELLIS campus. RELLIS admissions coordinator Dalton Jones said offices have been moved to the new academic building so students can meet with advisors, connect with student organizations and so much more.

“The academic complex two [is] deemed a lot more of a welcome atmosphere and environment,” Jones said. “We moved our entire admissions staff over here to welcome guests, new students and current students. With that, we moved our student engagement office that is specifically designed within this new building so students who are looking to be more involved on campus have a better space to do so.”

RELLIS is currently one of 11 regional universities within the A&M System which offer a combined total of 25 bachelor’s degree programs. Associate Vice Chancellor for the RELLIS Academic Alliance Nancy Jordan said the Academic Alliance allows for high-quality academic programs at affordable costs, helping students and the System thrive.

“Students take their lower-division coursework at Blinn College District and then walk across the street to study their upper-division coursework and earn a bachelor’s degree from one of the 11 universities at RELLIS,” Jordan said. “Students benefit from the opportunity to complete their degrees in a small campus environment with the help of faculty and staff who support them through every phase of the college experience.”

Along with offering its own programs, RELLIS serves as a resource for students with its TEAM Program through the Academic Alliance. Communication junior and former member of the TEAM Program Jacob Wallace said although his time at RELLIS is done, he is excited to see the campus expand for students like him.

“What was nice about the RELLIS campus is that the faculty was super updated,” Wallace said. “I’m glad they are expanding the program and adding more space for other students using the TEAM program.”

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