New posters are now located across campus promoting "Healthy Habits."

Dean of Student Life Anne Reber, Ph.D., informed students via a campus-wide email that before returning to campus and no later than Aug. 11, all students must complete a required COVID-19 Training and Certification in Howdy.

This 15-20 minute training covers the symptoms of COVID-19, proper sanitary procedures and campus rules regarding personal safety and can be accessed through a pop-up box that appears in Howdy upon login. Student employees must also take a similar training course through TrainTraq in addition to the Howdy Portal training.

According to Reber, if they don’t take the training by August 11, students will not be able to access their Howdy Portal until they do so.

Reber also encouraged all students to create individualized plans for their return to campus in order to keep themselves and others safe in case of an outbreak.

“As we find ourselves starting a new academic year unlike any previous year, Texas A&M University is committed to the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and entire campus community,” Reber said in the email. “It will take all of us abiding by our core values, but particularly the values of selfless service and respect, to do our part to keep our fellow Aggie community members healthy and safe.”

The email also contained links to the COVID-19 Guide for Students Returning to Campus and the A&M COVID-19 guidance webpage. More campus services and COVID-19 resources can be found on Howdy via the Student Life tab.

This training will be required once again in January 2021 prior to the beginning of the spring semester.

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