Vicki Dobiyanski

Vicki Dobiyanski, Class of 2003, has been appointed the Division of Student Affairs’ associate vice president at Texas A&M University.

On Nov. 5, A&M announced Dobiyanski would begin work as the associate vice president for Student Affairs beginning Dec. 17. Dobiyanski, a former student and staff member at A&M, has worked in higher education administration for 15 years.

Dobiyanski’s role in Student Affairs will include overseeing and supporting the Memorial Student Center, Department of Multicultural Services, the Veteran Resource and Support Center and Department of Student Activities. Additionally, her responsibilities will include the advancement of the division’s diversity efforts relating to the university’s goals of accountability, climate and equity, and she will serve as chair of the Texas A&M Expressive Activity Committee.

Most recently, Dobiyanski served as dean of students at Florida State University. According to Dobiyanski, she is most excited to return to A&M because it has offered her so much and she is ready to give back to it.

“I was a freshman in the fall of 1999, which was obviously a very difficult fall, and so many administrators gave me so much throughout my time at Texas A&M, my graduate work and my first job that I’m excited to return and give back to students, faculty, staff, and former students,” said Dobiyanski.

As a student at A&M, Dobiyanski was involved in Traditions Council, the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band and Symphonic Band. Dobiyanski said her time at A&M paved the road for her to go into higher education.

“I didn't know it at the time, but I was taken care of by many higher ed and student affairs faculty members when I was a student,” said Dobiyanski. “I had an advisor, Tim Sweeney, that I talked to about the field of student affairs with, and all of a sudden I was looking at the student affairs higher education graduate programs. I found my path and career that has been nothing but wonderful and has given me opportunities everywhere I’ve turned. Texas A&M gave me those mentors and advisors in the field that helped me find my future and I’m very grateful for that.”

This is Dobiyanski’s second time returning to A&M after working as a student development specialist for the Student Government Association. She said this opportunity offers her both professional and personal benefits.

“This is both a professional and a personal decision,” Dobiyanski said. “Professional being, these types of jobs don’t open very often, especially one that matches where I want to do my work and where I want to continue to connect with students. And, personally, my family is in College Station. I get to be there with family and have an incredible job — you can’t match that.”

With her new role at A&M, Dobiyanski said she has many goals oriented towards the students success and belonging at A&M. According to Dobiyanski, her first priority is helping students find their voices and to help guide students to success at A&M.

“I’m really looking forward to the diversity inclusion work and expanding upon the wonderful work that’s been taking place,” said Dobiyanski. “The areas I’m getting to work with are directly connected to student success, so how we can continue to look at the program services and how they contribute to student success at Texas A&M.”

Dobiyanski said this new position at A&M is what she has been working towards in her career and she is excited to give back to the university that laid her foundations in higher education.

“This is not a stepping stone, this is a long term move for me and I’m excited to jump into this role and pour everything I can to give back to A&M.”

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