Student Services Chair Regan McGuill sponsored a resolution to promote KINE 199 classes.

The first Student Senate Meeting of October had a packed agenda, with six resolutions passed, two bills passed, and three confirmations to Student Government positions.

The Student Senate passed a resolution which “encourages all students to register to vote and become deputized in regards to register their peers.”

“It is an important opportunity for all Aggies to participate in our nation’s democratic systems, leaving an everlasting influence on the future of our local, state and national politics,” the resolution read.

Student Services Chair Regan McGuill sponsored a resolution to promote KINE 199 classes, since according to the resolution, Texas A&M offers over six hundred KINE 199 classes for students. The resolution was passed unanimously.

“Physical activity has many benefits that can help all students at Texas A&M University work to accomplish the learning outcomes set forth by university leadership,” the resolution continued.

The Student Senate passed a resolution to recognize those honored at the Silver Taps held on October 1st, 2019. The resolution gave its condolences to the families and friends of William Zachary Elder and Jedidiah Talom.

The Student Senate also passed a resolution to celebrate the 143rd anniversary of Texas A&M University.

Suyash Gupta, executive director of operations, introduced a resolution urging cyclists to follow traffic laws and support Transportation Service efforts to educate students on bike safety. The Student Senate unanimously passed this resolution.

The Student Senate also passed a resolution to support the university administration in its efforts to relocate the “Victory Eagle” statue to the A&M Hotel and Conference Center from its original location in Cain Park.

To modernize the process of the Student Senate, a bill was passed to require bill authors to send the formal titles and contact information to the speaker pro tempore.

The Student Senate approved the Fiscal Year 2020 bill, which allocates money for the different parts of the Student Government Association.

They approved two members to the Student Senate Operations Committee‚— Off-campus Caucus Senator Lindesy Uhlik as the director of marketing, and sophomore performance studies major Joshua Carley as the director of archives.

The final confirmation of the night included finance graduate student Jacquelyn Askew as the vice president of municipal affairs. In this position, she will act as a liaison between the Student Government Association and the municipalities of Bryan-College Station.

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