Senate Meeting 10/30

Student Body President Mikey Jaillet presented a bill to Senate requesting a fall break in the month of October.

Wednesday evening, the Student Senate presented a bill asking the Office of the Registrar and the Office of the Provost to add a fall break starting in the next academic school.

Speaker of the Student Senate Eric Mendoza and Student Body President Mikey Jaillet presented the bill, requesting a new “fall break” for the month of October. Per the rules of the Student Senate, the bill was sent to committee to be considered and voted on at the next meeting.

“Having a fall break added to Texas A&M Universities fall academic calendar would give students the ability to rest and focus on their mental health after recent midterms,” the resolution read.

Student Body President Jaillet said that because the state of Texas requires students to attend school for a set number of days during the semester, the length of the semester would be increased. Speaker Mendoza suggested that the Thursday and Friday of Howdy week become syllabus days, but said this was just one of several possible options. However, he said they would oppose the semester being lengthened into December.

The Student Senate also passed a resolution recognizing Chancellor John Sharp’s new vaping ban on campus. The Senate said in the resolution, “Chancellor John Sharp’s action in efforts to reduce vaping on campus is an important step to protect students' health and wellbeing on campus.”

The Student Senate added that students that wish to seek help for a nicotine addiction can receive help by contacting the Aggie Recovery Community, Office of the Dean of Student Life, Counseling and Psychological Services and Student Health Services, among others.

The Aggie Core Value ad hoc Committee awarded the October Core Values Award for Integrity to Congressman Will Hurd, Class of 2000. Hurd represents the 23rd district in the United States Congress, has served for four terms, and has received an award for his commitment for bi-partisanship. Before his service in Congress, he served in the CIA for nine years.

Off-campus senator Zach McCue presented the nominee, saying that the committee chooses nominees “in order to celebrate the bright spots of our past and build hope for our future in Aggieland.”

Off campus senators Hunter Martin and Dang Dang presented a resolution expressing support for the Student Health Services and their efforts to promote STI testing and encouraging students to take advantage of the free STI testing services provided by Student Health Services. The last free testing day of the semester will occur on November 6 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Room 027 Beutel Health Center.

In light of the tornadoes that struck the Dallas area on Oct. 20, the Student Senate passed a resolution expressing support for residents who were impacted by the tornadoes. The resolution encouraged impacted students to obtain assistance from the Counseling and Psychological Services, Office of the Dean of Student Life, resident advisors, academic advisors or peer mentors.

The Student Senate passed a resolution welcoming the new Office for Student Success. The resolution also encouraged students struggling academically to seek help from this new office.

According to the resolution, the Office for Student Success “provides resources including but not limited to academic advising, a help desk form on its website, and other support for Aggies to be successful during their time at Texas A&M University.”

The Student Senate passed a resolution thanking Texas A&M University Library System for hosting Senate for a private viewing of Traditions Exhibit in the Cushing Memorial Library. Rules and Regulations Chair Evan Berger proposed a bill that would require legislation that would alter the Student Government Association code be sent to the Rules and Regulations chair before its second presentation the Student Senate. The bill was passed.

The Student Senate also passed a bill that would limit the number of sponsors to a piece of legislation to ten, but allow for an addendum with addition sponsors if necessary. Before this bill was passed, the number of sponsors was capped at 15 sponsors.

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