Student Senate 02/05

The Student Senate was crowded this Wednesday requiring an overflow room as the Senators debated the passage of the support of the Texas A&M undocumented community resolution.

After listening to supporters of the resolution, and making several amendments, the Student Senate unanimously passed the resolution.

One such supporter was Iris Carrillo, director of diversity and inclusion and assistant director at Counseling and Psychological Services. She said in her career she has interacted with many undocumented college students.

“Being undocumented has a tremendous psychological impact on college students, our fellow Aggies, as they constantly live in fear for themselves and their families, and face uncertainty and a lack of agency about their future,” Carrillo said. “These students can feel unwanted, excluded, marginalized and disposable.”

Carrillo asked the Student Senate to consider what it would be like to deal with the stress of being undocumented while still managing the stress of school.

“We proudly state that we are the Aggies, the Aggies are we, but how does that extend to our Aggies who are undocumented?” Carrillo asked. “I propose that it is our responsibility as a campus community to support the physical, emotional and psychological well being of our students, all of our students, so they can excel academically as that helps to elevate all of us.”

The Student Senate passed a resolution offering condolences to the families and friends of the Aggies who were honored at the February Silver Taps ceremony. The Aggies honored were Roberto (Beto) A. Acosta, Andrew Evan Brightwell, Lela Justeen Burney, Maegan Ellen Sanders and Wesley Donald Sanders.

Next, the Student Senate passed a resolution recognizing the Texas A&M Wool Judging Team which said, “The Texas A&M University Student Senate wishes the 2020 Texas A&M University Wool Judging Team the best of luck in all of their future competitions.”

The Student Senate also officially recognized the month of February as Black History Month, noting that “Texas A&M University has produced notable Black/African American former students” and stating that “despite our differences, we are as true to each other as Aggies can be.”

The Student Senate was also privy to a special presentation by Stephanie Denson, the district marketing manager for Chartwells. Denson said in the next two years there will be many new changes to on-campus dining.

These changes include a renovation of the upper food court in the MSC to open a Chick-fil-a, Jason’s Deli, a tex-mex food option and a made-to-order pizza option. Although the exact time has not been decided, it will also be open later than the current closing time of 4 p.m.The renovations will be complete in the fall semester of 2020.

Chartwells will also introduce a market and coffee shop featuring local coffee roasters in the 21st Century Classroom Building that will be opening in the upcoming fall semester.

On the west side of campus, Chartwells and the University are planning to open a new building that will include a full-service Chick-fil-a, Houston Street Subs, Copperhead Jacks and a salad option. Denson said to the student senate that Chartwells is currently looking to confirm a location for a west campus Starbucks.

Lastly, when the uncompleted Polo Garage complex is completed in the spring semester of 2021, Denson said that Chartwells is planning to open another Panda Express, Houston Street Subs and introduce a Shakesmart and Salata.

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An Aggie does not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do. I think a bunch of those in the student senate forgot the most important part of being an Aggie.

As somebody that migrated to this country legally at age 14, I do not understand the ignorance of those supportive of illegal immigrants/immigration. We are a nation of laws, if we do not follow those laws we become exactly what those immigrants are running away from.....a lawless country.

You want to migrate to a different country, do it legally, that way you can fully enjoy all the great things that new country you just migrated to has to offer.

Also spare me your SJW "compassion" argument regarding these illegals, I stopped having compassion about 20 million illegal aliens ago (by the way, there are close to 30 million illegals in this country, at what point enough is enough!!

If my family was able to come to this country legally,so can anybody else that wants to become part of the greatest country on earth!

Illegal aliens have no place in our universities.The only place they belong to is either the back of the immigration line or back home.


Texags to student body: Not another dime! Undocumented Aggies are

criminals. Yeah, they don't care about the reality that these students were most likely brought to the U.S. before they were adults and spent most of their lives here.

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