Senate 0919 (copy)

Tate Banks is the chair of academic affairs for the Student Senate 

The Student Senate met for the last time this semester on Wednesday, December 4.

The night began with Carol A. Fierke, Provost & EVP of Texas A&M University addressing the student senate with new programs the university is planning to launch. According to Fierke, A&M’s student success initiative is focused on increasing graduation and retention rates and to lower disparities.

Fierke said that the Univeristy is planning to launch many programs, such as a first-time college student seminar, math learning center, a first-generation center, a graduation help desk, a faculty accountability program and academic pathways. They are also looking into the fall break resolution to see what kind of consequences could come from it. In conclusion, Fierke asked the senators for their feedback on the Howdy portal, degree planners, registration systems, and communication techniques that resonate with students.

“From the Provost’s office, we are really committed to working with you to see everything we could do to help students be more successful,” Fierke said.

The Aggie Core Value Ad Hoc committee recognized and awarded the November Core Value recipients: Speaker of the Faculty Senate Andrew Klein and James E. Sarran Class of 1958.

Jacob Shafer, elections commissioner, on behalf of the Election Commission, said that the mandatory candidate meeting will be on Feb. 16, 2020, and said all the other dates will be updated on the website.

Continuing in the open forum, Deeds at Texas A&M University proposed to provide free menstrual products in 10 high traffic areas to empower females on their periods to continue to take part in activities, regardless of having their period. This project has been on hold and Deeds would like to reinstate this project. They have many donors, including a grant from the Aggie Green Fund ready to be used, said the Deeds representative.

“We as Deeds want to make sure that Aggies receive these menstrual products as they were promised and that the hard-earned grant money does not go to waste,” a Deeds representative said in open forum.

Grace Binger, management senior, and Daniel Cheng, biomedical engineering sophmore, were confirmed and swore in as Associate Justices’ without any contention. Senator Conner Neumann was confirmed and sworn in as Finance Chair.

Student Bill 72-08 Omnibus Senate By-Law Revision Act was passed with an amendment. The November Ag Input Resolution and Disability Subcommission Resolution were also passed.

In open session, the Student Senate passed a resolution to congratulate 2019 Aggie graduates introduced by Lindsey Uhlik, Off-Campus Caucus.

After much debate, the Student Senate referred the Support for DACA Recipients resolution to the Legislative Relations Committee. Introduced by Jocelyn Marrufo, liberal arts caucus, Edgar Rivera, off-camps caucus, and Carlo Chunga Pizarro, urban and regional planning graduate student—this resolution received two-time extensions, as the senators were concerned with the parameters of the resolution.

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