Mikey Jaillet

Mikey Jaillet was elected 2019-2020 student body president on Feb. 22. 

Throughout the campaign season and following his win, Jaillet’s main goals included creating a more interconnected campus, working on construction and traffic issues, funding the Matthew Gaines statue and increasing healthy dining options on campus.

Jaillet said his first goal this year is to connect students from all parts of campus, allowing students from different majors, organizations and countries to come together as an Aggie family. To accomplish this task, Jaillet plans to hold town halls to allow students to share their ideas on collaborations with other organizations or to voice their concerns and give feedback to the Student Government Association. He said there will also be executive round tables with leaders from across the campus to discuss topics that concern the student body.

“We all tend to hang out with each other in our relative student organizations and that’s great, but sometimes there could be the same exact philanthropy event or same exact mission statement with an event going on, on two separate parts of campus,” Jaillet said. “It would be great if we were able to have student government be a conduit of communication and really help.”

In the months following his election, Jaillet took the initiative to speak with university and city officials and create a working group tasked with hearing what students have to say about traffic and construction on campus. The first meeting for this group will be on Sept. 12 at Koldus 144 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. and will be open to all students who want to “talk traffic.” Questions and concerns raised by students at these meetings will be taken to city officials and then be addressed during the following “talk traffic” night in November.

“We’re really hoping to help push that and get as many students there as possible,” Jaillet said. “And the goal is to create a conduit of communication between these players that are making traffic decisions and the students as well, so students can really have their voice heard.”

Jaillet said SGA continues to work with the Office of Sustainability to raise funds and support for a statue of Matthew Gaines — a former slave turned Texas senator who voted for the land grant authorization that created A&M.

As the semester begins, Jaillet said he would like to welcome all the students back to Aggieland. He said everyone should feel free to speak with him about their experiences and how he can help improve their time at A&M.

“We are so excited about the opportunity to get to meet and get to know and hear from students … and I would just love to sit down and meet with as many students as possible and see what they want,” Jaillet said. “I truly believe we have the hardest working team that is really ready to get together, get up and try, and have a transformative year for the student body.”

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