History and political science sophomore Aden Muhammad was not confirmed as vice president of municipal affairs on Tuesday.

The 72nd Student Senate held a special session Tuesday night to confirm Student Body President Mikey Jaillet’s cabinet picks for next school year, along with the upcoming Constituency Affairs Chair and Chief Justice.

Of Jaillet’s 10 cabinet selections and one Judicial nominee, the following were confirmed:

  • VP of Legislative Relations Gregory Cross, elected with a vote of 40 in favor, 2 against.
  • Diversity Commissioner Trey Elizondo, elected unanimously
  • Vice President of Communications Natalie Parks, elected unanimously
  • Chief Justice of the Judicial Court Shefali Chorpa, elected unanimously

Jaillet’s nomination for vice president of municipal affairs, Aden Muhammad, was not confirmed in Tuesday’s session, as he lacked the necessary votes to obtain the cabinet position with a vote of 27 against, 10 in favor and 9 abstaining. During his time on the floor, Mohammed, who previously served as the chief of staff to the vice president of municipal affairs, said his vision is to serve the student body by elevating the voices of Aggies in municipal affairs. One way he said he would achieve this goal was by legitimizing students’ role as stakeholders in the municipal governments of Bryan and College Station.

“One frustration I have had working with city council the past two year is that a lot of city commissioners really feel that students’ concerns don’t matter, which I feel is not a legitimate claim,” Muhammad said. “There are over 68,000 of us and all of our concerns do matter.”

Speaker Pro-tempore Connor Hull expressed his opposition to Muhammad’s nomination, saying his personal experience working with Muhammad raised doubts regarding his capacity to fulfill the duties of the cabinet position.

As one of five candidates for constituency affairs chair, College of Liberal Arts Senator Hannah Spurr was appointed to the position after a run-off election against Off-Campus Senator Aaleen Ali, in which Spurr received the necessary majority vote. Spurr said she intends to implement items from Senate code that have not been fully developed, such as AgInput, a website to obtain student opinion.

“It’s in the code to have this thing called AgInput, to put it on Howdy or the Senate website,” Spurr said. “But we really haven’t developed it or put it anywhere yet, so it’s something I would want to work on immediately to get out to get student opinion.”

Jaillet’s remaining six nominees were voted on in the Student Senate’s next special session on held Wednesday. During that session, Jaillet said he plans to reopen applications for vice president of municipal affairs in the fall before selecting a nominee for the Senate to vote on.

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