Bus Routes

Aggie Spirit buses will now serve the airport and have more efficient routes for students who live off campus.

With the start of the fall semester approaching, Transportation Services made several changes to existing bus routes, and created an additional route for students.

Bus routes that previously stopped on Old Main Dr. will move closer to the MSC with the completion of the construction on Lamar Street. The moved bus routes include Bush School, Old Army, Hullabaloo and Century Tree. Routes 1 and 47 will remain on Old Main, and Route 1 will have a new stop at the Music Activities Center.

Transit Manager for Transportation Services Justin Tippy, Class of 2003, said the alterations were made to create more efficient routes for students.

“The Barracks stop that used to be on Route 40 is now going to be serviced by Route 34,” Tippy said. “That allowed us to shorten up [Route 40] instead of going all the way down South Holleman and create a little more efficiency on the route, shorten times between buses and also shorten times on Route 34.”

Yell Practice has taken over all Vet School stops including National Center for Therapeutics Manufacturing (NCTM), Vet School and White Creek.

“So we took all the buses we used on [Yell Practice and Vet School] and combined them,” Tippy said. “By being able to use more buses the wait between buses went down to six minutes. So there should be plenty of capacity for all of the students from Vet School and White Creek.”

The new addition of Route 7 will allow for passengers to travel to the Easterwood Airport from the Doug Pitcock Hotel and Conference Center. The route includes stops at the McKenzie Terminal, Wind Tunnel and Turbo Lab. However, this new bus route will service more than just students.

“The route is available to faculty, staff, students and visitors. Luggage is permitted on the bus,” Transportation Services wrote in an campus-wide email.

Tippy said students need to pay close attention to bus routes for the upcoming A&M football game against Texas State on Thursday, Aug. 29. Transportation Services has adjusted its approach from previous years but is already prepared to help guide students through the changes.

“On the bus routes page, we already have our routes and times on there for that game,” Tippy said. “All those schedules are up [on the website] so everybody can look at it.”

For more information on A&M’s bus routes, visit transport.tamu.edu.

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