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In a podcast from 2012 that has resurfaced, Texas A&M philosophy professor Tommy Curry made comments referencing the killing of white people in context to defending the black community and as a response to racism. He references the movie “Django Unchained,” as point of reference to his talking points.

The clip of Redding News Review podcast was included in an article published Tuesday by The American Conservative, which criticized Curry’s comments. The article includes several other links to examples of Curry’s rhetoric, which contain similar themes.

In the podcast, which is posted on the host Rob Redding's YouTube channel, Curry began by saying, “today I want to talk about killing white people in context.”

The context Curry went on to explain was the historical past of slave rebellions and the current protection of black communities. Curry further said that the 2nd Amendment has a historical role, which was to arm white people to put down such revolts.

"When we have this conversation about violence or killing white people it has to be looked at in the kind of this historical turn,” Curry said. “And the fact that we've had no one address, like how relevant and how solidified this kind of tradition is for black people — saying look, in order to be equal, in order to be liberated, some white people may have to die.”

Following the article, A&M president Michael Young emailed the student body responding to Curry’s comments.

“The interview features disturbing comments about race and violence that stand in stark contrast to Aggie core values – most notably those of respect, excellence, leadership and integrity – values that we hold true toward all of humanity,” Young said in his response.

Young went on to cite the First Amendment, saying that all views and talking points are protected under it.

“The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects the rights of others to offer their personal views, no matter how reprehensible those views may be,” Young said. “It also protects our right to freedom of speech which I am exercising now.”

Despite this, Young said he does not condone what Curry said.

“We wish no violence or harm even to those who espouse hateful views under the First Amendment,” Young said. “Our core values are very much intact, including those for which we stand, and in contrast to that for which we most assuredly do not. This is something that needs to be said here and now and lived in all of our days.”

Brad Morse was a sociology major, Class of 2018, and former Editor-in-chief for The Battalion.

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President Young is a coward! " order to be equal, in order to be liberated, some white people may need to die." President Young believes that statement, made by Professor Tommy Curry "...stand in stark contrast to Aggie core values...". Yes, no kidding genius. Now how 'bout taking action.

Professor Curry's speech is a rationale to commit violence. The kind of violence that left officers dead in Dallas. Finger wagging is not the answer. Violence (or murder) committed by ANYONE of ANY color is not the answer.

President Young, there are a few times in life when people are given a clear choice to make decisions based on timeless moral standards. Decisions you can feel good about because you would be doing the right thing. Don't be a the right thing. Take a stand against hate speech. The First Amendment may protect his speech, it also protects yours. A MUCH stronger rebuke, while looking for avenues to dump this hater is in order.


I'm with you, Oldag83. I'm Class of '65 so likely i'm older than you. This was on You Tube dated December 27, 2012. Is this Tommy Curry still at A&M? If so, that is a crime in itself and yes, President Young's comments are pathetic. This low life may have the right to say what he said, but saying it should have cost him his job at Texas A&M. Lofton was President when this You Tube video was published, so why didn't he do something.? This jerk is still listed as an A&M professor. He needs to go.


This article will explain a lot!


This article DOES explain a lot....just nothing about the topic. Many, regardless of political orientation agree with the state of elitism both in the US and around the world. None...and I mean NONE, of it has anything to do with rationalizing killing.


What upsets me as an American with a strong understanding of the constitution, is the horrible interpretation and use this so-called professor has when talking about free speech protections . He has the "right" to express his inner thoughts and feelings, HOWEVER when that expression advocates violence or can be viewed as hate speech, there are consequences that go along with that and the US Constitution does NOT protect that kind of speech. To the President of Texas A+M, you are WRONG not to stand up and fire this professor. To say he is entitled to this kind of use and ABUSE of the first amendment is incorrect. I guarantee you that if the situation were reversed, and we were talking about a white professor saying the same thing about black citizens, he would have been suspended and probably dismissed back in 2012. The Fact we are just hearing about this now tells everyone that we are now a society practicing REVERSE discrimination . You don't move forward as a society by trying to correct or recant the wrongs of the past. You learn from them and define them in their context under the terms of the day in which they took place, that way they are never repeated. If I was an alumni of Texas A+M , white or black, I would WITHDRAW and withhold any and all donations made until this man was at the very least publicly reprimanded (and I would even say fired), no matter who would come out and try to support him (Jesse Jackson, Rev Al Sharpton, the NAACP etc). Then this President would really know who runs the show. Money talks and BS walks ! Do the right thing and fire this professor for his hateful comments toward any group of human beings.


Current and past students need to unite and march on TAMU. There is virtually no major media outlet covering this story. You can pack a 106,000 seat stadium for a mediocre football team, why not pack the campus to call for the President's resignation. Demand Young be replaced with a President that demands Aggie Values. Missouri students showed you how to achieve change. Just follow their lead. If not, TAMU will just become the lesser version of UT.


Hundreds of thousands of people have been and are being killed in the Middle East in the name of freedom. Hundreds of thousands. For freedom.

The conversation that this professor had explains that violence is, unfortunately, a necessary evil for the sake of freedom. He is not encouraging violence. He's not saying "go out and kill white people." He is making a point that drastic change in favor of freedom comes at a price, that oppressors, historically and realistically, cannot be reasoned with. This is the same speech that many of you who appear in this comments section make to your friends and family when defending the ongoing war in the Middle East. This professor just put it in a different context, and unfortunately, the people who have latched onto this story are too narrow-minded to think critically about the argument.


I also learned of this by hearing his interview on youtube and am absolutely disgusted that he remains associated with and in the employ of Texas A&M University. If it was some far left university I wouldn't be surprised but the A&M I went to is better than this. A mild rebuke from the president is not enough. This man has clearly demonstrated that he does not represent the values aggies hold dear. He needs to go. Until that happens our money and support of the university should be withheld.


New recordings of students directly asking Curry whether he believes violence is necessary. He answers affirmatively.

gary fouse

Curry is a dangerous man. If for nothing else, he should be fired for his use of sh- and f-bombs in the classroom. I regard his words as inciting to murder, and for that reason, he should be fired. He is spreading racial hate in the classroom.

With all this talk of diversity and inclusion on college campuses, it amazes me that you can say anything you want about whites and Jews and it is accepted. This is the logical conclusion of this crazy "white privilege" mentality that has spread to campuses all over the country. God forbid someday a white (or Jewish) student is going to be murdered on a campus because of the demonization of whites and Jews (the latter thanks to the pro-Palestinian brown shirts).

I would not have a problem if Curry was justifying a slave rebellion and their white masters were killed. But this is 2017 and guess what, Mr Curry-white people are not your enemy. You should pay more attention to the cancers that plague black communities in America, drugs, gangs, murders, absentee fathers, and single-parent households. White racism is so far down the list it is insignificant.

Curry is a disgrace to the teaching profession (I taught 18 years at a major California university.) I am sickened by this rhetoric and I am sickened by Mr Young's pathetic response. Who would want to attend a school where this type of rhetoric goes on.

preston wigginton

Young banned me from campus just because I bring controversial speakers who never promote violence or genocide. Why won't he fire this guy .. oh let's call it minority special privilege.

I think this is funny though. When will whites wake up to the agenda of the radical hate whitey left? Will what happened in Haiti have to happen before they do? Haiti like 200 years ago.

Please take a look at this video that explains the promotion of violence on whites. You will see how the radical liberal left cries for the genocide of whites and western civilization. Your champ Professor Joe Faegin is the cornerstone promoting hatred towards whites.


Professor Curry was wrong to say what he did. I can't believe the the framers of the US Constitution intended for this kind of "hate language". I stand with President Young. Does anyone remember last summer when the police officers were gunned down in Dallas Texas? I do! I feel that Texas A&M and all other universities across the USA should really get a grip on this kind of horrible language. What did Professor Curry hope to accomplish by what he said? I don't think he would have been able to say it 20 years ago! I am completely against him

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