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Texas A&M President Michael K. Young sent a university wide email on June 15 to discuss the planned response to challenges recently highlighted on campus.

Below are the 10 actions Young said the university will take in response to improve the campus climate at A&M:

1. Invite discussion for action with a diverse group of leaders and voices to meet regularly with senior leadership and [President Young].

2. Honor Senator Matthew Gaines on our campus.

3. Increase efforts, with faculty input, on key programs such as the Accountability, Climate, Equity and Scholarship (ACES) Fellows Program.

4. Expand the footprint of the Department of Multicultural Services in support of underrepresented students.

5. Advance President's Council on Climate and Diversity (PCCD) reports to open for input, timed accountability.

6. Recruit more underrepresented students.

7. Launch anti-discrimination bystander intervention training (as announced last week) for the fall.

8. Increase funding and visibility of the Race and Ethnic Studies Institute.

9. Pilot assessments of TAMU required courses.

10. Support student groups on voter registration on campus and in our communities.

According to Young, these actions are effective and in the works immediately, with more updates and additional actions coming in the fall.

“With these and other actions and collaboration across our campuses and sites, we can affect change in a positive way that strives toward excellence at our university and throughout our lives,” Young said in the statement.

For more information about actions layed out in Young’s next steps on campus climate, visit

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