Spirit Plaza Dedication

President Michael K. Young charged the Class of 2019 with the responsibility of maintaining the Spirit Plaza.

In an letter obtained by a Texas Tribune open record request, Texas A&M System Chancellor John Sharp said that President Michael K. Young's contract will not be renewed come April 30, 2020.

"While your employment agreement allows for a 5-year renewal term, the System desires to bring your employment status into line with our other university presidents, none of whom has an employment agreement," Sharp said in the letter. "...this decision is in no way a reflection on your performance as President of Texas A&M University for the past four years."

Young will continue as president for the next two years, and although he could be appointed again, it will be a year-to-year decision by annual appointment letters and the system's policy. These terms of employment are the same for the remaining system campus heads.

"We look forward to your continued service as our President, and fully expect you to build upon the successes realized since your arrival in Aggieland," Sharp said in the letter.

Appointed in 2015, Young has a five-year contract with the A&M system that guarantees $1 million in annual pay.

In a released statement, Young said he understands the system's decision.

“As an administrator and employer, I understand and appreciate the need for consistency in the format of appointment letters among presidents throughout the A&M system. It is the right path,” Young said in the statement.

Despite his contract not being renewed, the Texas Tribune article reports that he could continue at A&M in a tenured faculty position.

“I love being part of this great university, and I am excited about its trajectory of success. The Chancellor's strong words of support help motivate me further to lead A&M and build on the remarkable achievements of our faculty, staff, students and former students."

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