Pass It Back Day

The Association of Former Students hosted a celebration Tuesday in Rudder Plaza as the race for 1,876 donations gained momentum.

Pass It Back Day is a 24-hour event put on by The Association of Former Students to raise funds for current students. At the student celebration in Rudder Plaza from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., students were informed about the ways donors impact campus. The event featured free food, prizes and photos with Reveille.

In 2019, The Association was projected to give about $13.6 million back to campus, A&M campus programs specialist James Palacios said. The goal to reach 1,876 donors, not dollars, by midnight was selected because that is the founding year of A&M.

“We’re not asking for a huge donation, but every little bit makes a huge difference here on campus,” Palacios said. “The Association of Former Students helps out the campus in a significant way.”

Among the programs The Association supports are traditions like Midnight Yell and Silver Taps, as well as scholarships and Aggie Ring programs.

Student ambassadors from The Association were recording personal thank you videos that were sent to each donor, said Lily Griffith, a recreation, parks and tourism sciences sophomore and vice president of student philanthropy. All donations go directly to The Association, and many of the donations go towards its various scholarships.

“They also go toward direct college funds, so each college gets a certain amount every year for different things that they put on,” Griffith said.

There is an application process for donors who wish to donate directly to student organizations. The Corps of Cadets, Big Event and Fish Camp as well as smaller student organizations benefit from the gifts, Griffith said.

“I think it shows that no matter how long ago you graduated, or if you’re still a current student, you can directly affect all of the students here,” Griffith said. “Everybody knows the power that it is being on campus and being a student at A&M, so having former students and other being able to give into that experience really shows the power of the Aggie network.”

The Association has a counter tracking donations, as well as additional challenges and prizes to raise funds at

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