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Provost and Executive Vice President Carol Fierke sent emails to students, faculty and staff outlining what the fall semester would look like including 30 minutes between classes instead of 20 and a daily 45 minute break in order for classrooms to be cleaned.

Provost and Executive Vice President Carol Fierke sent out a university-wide email updating students and faculty on the plans for the fall semester on June 15.

As previously stated by President Young, the first day of classes will be Wednesday, Aug. 19, and all finals will be done remotely after the week of Thanksgiving break.

About half of classes will have a face-to-face option, but every course will be offered remotely or online.

According to the email, there will be no Saturday classes, but classes will extend until later in the day and passing periods will be 30 minutes long, with one 45 minute break in the middle of the day for classroom sanitization.

Fierke states in the email that there is a possibility that some classes will be moved to different locations and that the number of students in each class may be reduced in order to accommodate social distancing guidelines.

“We have determined that rooms will be limited to approximately 33 percent to 40 percent of normal capacity to allow for physical distancing,” Fierke said.

Since class times are likely to change, an optional re-registration will open Monday, July 27, however students are not required to re-register for any classes.

Addressing the student and faculty readers, Fierke said the Office of the Provost will update its information frequently.

“Although there are additional details to work out, I hope that this information is useful as you begin to think about your plans for fall instruction,” Fierke said. “I anticipate sending additional information to you every other week this summer, with the next communication scheduled for the week of June 29 as we close in on a finalized schedule.”

For more information on changes to the fall 2020 semester, visit

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