Opening at 26,000, the market has jumped upwards of 800 points, hovering at a steady 26,800 point range for the previous three days.

Afghanistan Peace Talks

This previous week, President Donald Trump was set to negotiate an end to the longest U.S.-involved conflict: the Afghanistan War. Since 2001, America has been fighting in the Middle East, attempting to take down Al Qaeda and various extremist groups. Now, the U.S. is seeking peace negotiations to bring these devastating wars to an end. While this goal seemed to be a sure reality, recent developments have blurred the likelihood of its imminency. This week, Trump called off peace talks with Taliban leaders, delaying an opportunity for negotiation. This decision to cancel discussions at Camp David came following the Taliban’s claim, indicating responsibility for an explosion in Kabul that killed over twelve people, one of which was a U.S. soldier. This delay prevents a new mark in history to be recorded, as never before have members of Taliban affiliation negotiated with U.S. leaders on domestic soil.

Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian and Migration

Hurricane Dorian left devastating effects in all areas in which it made landfall. Unfortunately, it seems that no other region faced greater calamities than that of the Bahamas. Government officials report that upwards of 45 people have lost their lives to this storm, but indicate that numbers are likely to increase from here. It is projected that over 70,000 victims are homeless, most of whom now have nowhere to go. Many of these displaced victims decided to migrate and seek shelter in the U.S. However, tension has already risen regarding this anticipated immigration. Actions have already been taken regarding this dispute, as this previous weekend, hundreds of Bahamians were ordered off the ship, due to insufficient documentation and absence of authorized visas.

Stock Market Updates

Following a recent plunge in U.S. markets, stocks have recovered and reached new levels of growth. Opening at 26,000, the market has jumped upwards of 800 points, hovering at a steady 26,800 point range for the previous three days. This renewal of confidence follows an optimistic hope for beneficial trade negotiations between the U.S. and China, leading to value stability for immediate markets. Technology stocks have also seen a recent soar, likely due to new product reveals, namely new Apple products on Tuesday. Analysts are anticipating new market highs for the S&P this upcoming week, given no hiccups caused by Trump tweets.

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