Robert McIntosh

Former Student Body President candidate Robert McIntosh, who was disqualified Friday on charges of voter intimidation, received an additional disqualification-caliber charge Sunday afternoon, this one for a finance report failure. 

McIntosh failed to account for some glow sticks seen in a campaign video posted to Facebook Feb. 19, according to the violation report. Candidates are required to turn in receipts for all materials used in any campaigning effort, according to Article VII, Section 1 of the election regulations. McIntosh's campaign expense report does not account for the glow sticks seen in the video. 

While he was the original winner of the SBP race, McIntosh was disqualified Friday evening as well for voter intimidation, a charge which his campaign filed an appeal for Saturday afternoon. McIntosh's campaign has disputed the expense report charge and will be appealing it as well. 

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JD Mix

This article proclaims to have been Updated on March 23rd, yet STILL pushes the 'disqualified due to voter intimidation' meme even though that accusation was OFFICIALLY DISMISSED as reported by The Battalion on March the 3rd!!!
So, is The Battalion officially ignoring ITS OWN REPORTING in order to paint a false picture against Mr. McIntosh!? it would appear so.
Glow sticks. What a crock.
Did everyone account for the cost of their clothes of deodorant!?!?
How about the vehicles they used for transportation?
The SD card in the camera?
Get a flipping LIFE!
And get your facts straight!
Or better yet, just tell the truth!
The Battalion ought to be ashamed of this level of negligence.


So, there were 14 "anonymous" charges filed electronically against McIntosh ! Does one not have the right at A&M to confront his accusers ?? Welcome to UT at College Station !!!!

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