The Battalion

As one of Texas A&M’s oldest traditions, The Battalion has been an integral part of Aggie culture for a century and a quarter.

Since the first edition was published on Oct. 1, 1893, staff members have been striving to connect with their readers. In its earliest days, this was done in the style of literary magazine, and original Editor-in-Chief E.L. Bruce encouraged every cadet to participate by submitting their own writing.

“Boys, this paper is yours,” Bruce wrote. “Make it something. Lend all your assistance possible. It is your duty, and should be your pleasure, to write something for every issue.”

After undergoing major changes throughout the last 125 years, The Battalion now serves its readers by reporting the latest Aggie news online and in print, providing training for the aspiring journalists who develop it. Though the paper has changed with the times, The Battalion’s dedication to its readership has not wavered.

“The Battalion is a student newspaper and a forum for student expression, which shall serve the University community by accurately and fairly reporting the news of the day and by developing informed opinions regarding issues of interest to Battalion readers,” the student media board bylaws read.

This 125th anniversary edition is meant to chronicle our publication’s continued efforts to meet these standards and highlight our greatest accomplishments. We hope this edition provides readers with insight into what The Battalion has seen and what the university has experienced throughout its rich history.

In the face of the rapidly shifting field of journalism, The Battalion fully intends to continue pursuing its mission of serving its readers for another 125 years.

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