Corps Values

On April 8, The Battalion released the second round of articles in a three-part series about the Corps of Cadets, and the staff is now looking for students interested in sharing stories about disciplinary issues and hazing in the organization for the final edition.

The series, titled Corps Values, aims to delve into the influence the Corps of Cadets has had at Texas A&M. The first edition focused on the history of the organization while round two talked about people’s personal experiences, as well as overall perception of the Corps on campus.

We do not intend for this third edition to just look at the negatives. We know there have been efforts over time to stop hazing, and we want to address those as well. So, if you have positive experiences in the Corps when hazing or other disciplinary issues were handled properly or avoided altogether, we want to hear from you. For students who have negative experiences they want to discuss, we are of course open to speak with you as well.

We understand that topics of this nature can be difficult to talk about, and students may hesitate to come forward with important stories due to fear of what might happen to them. While The Battalion has a strict anonymity policy and we usually turn down requests people make to be anonymous, we will be handling requests on a case-by-case basis for this edition.

Additionally, on the second round of content we allowed written statements to be sent in, but due to the sensitive nature of this edition and the fact that we are opening the door to anonymous sources, we will not accept written statements.

You can message to schedule interviews with reporters.

Please use the subject line “Corps Values part three: [YOUR NAME].”

Unless you have a legitimate reason for being anonymous (which the editor-in-chief and managing editor will decide on a case-by-case basis) students who are interviewed will have to attach their first name, last name, class year and major to their statements. Students in the Corps must also include their outfit and titles they hold. Former cadets are welcome to reach out and should include outfits they were previously part of as well as any previous titles held. Please send emails from your A&M student email address so we can confirm that you are who you claim to be.

The third edition will be published at the end of the semester and all interviews must be conducted between now and Friday May 26.

We encourage students to reach out whether they have positive or negative stories to share. As mentioned in our letter from the editor, we are aiming to start discussions and fully share the stories of people involved in the oldest tradition at A&M. Don’t miss out on the chance to have your voice heard.

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