Soft and Salted is a cookie business started by Texas A&M student, Sarah Momin.

Sarah Momin, a supply chain management senior, was dissatisfied with her cookie options in Aggieland, so she decided to take matters into her own hands and make them herself.

Momin created her own cookie business, Soft + Salted, to bake for Aggies with a sweet tooth. Momin operates her business through its Instagram page, @softandsaltedtx, where she releases order forms and announces new cookie flavors. Cookies are sold for $3 each.

Momin said she was given the inspiration to create a cookie business because she could never find a bakery in College Station that satisfied her cravings.

“I wanted to feel satisfied when I ate it,” Momin said. “Since I couldn’t find a place around me that made cookies the way I liked them, I decided to start making them myself … with high-quality ingredients.”

Momin drew inspiration from her time with her family to drive her new business forward. Because she was born into a large family, Momin said her fondest memories occurred in the kitchen.

“I loved baking things for my family, I love seeing that eye-rolling reaction they get when I see them eat something I created for them,” Momin said. “I want to share my passion with he world, which is why I created Soft + Salted.”

While baking the treats, Momin thought of what she wanted from a cookie and decided to go for that flavor.

“The two that I started with are the salted chocolate chip and the salted double chocolate walnut,” Momin said. “The chocolate chip is just everyone’s favorite, I decided to salt the cookies because I like that sweet and salty flavor that goes on.”

Sure to appeal to an audience other than her family, Momin gathered reviews of her products from customers in hopes to improve her cookies. Jocelyn Nguyen, a biomedical sciences junior, is a customer of Soft + Salted who has eaten some of the cookies Momin has made.

“I love how the cookies are crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside,” Nguyen said. “Honestly I haven’t tried a better cookie in the B-CS area.”

Despite cookie-seller competition, Momin said her cookies are different from store-brand ones in numerous ways.

“I use really high quality ingredients, and frankly I haven’t had a cookie here as good as the ones I make,” Momin said. “I also am coming out with new and fun flavors that normal stores may not have. The cookies are bigger, they’re thick, gooey, dense and delicious.”

In the long run, Momin simply hopes to share her passion and cookies with as many people as possible.

“I just want to get my cookies into the hands of as many people as possible,” Momin said. “The reason I started this business was because I wanted to share my passion with the world. So long term, if I can share that with the world then that’s all I want.”

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