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The Democratic debate took place on Friday, Feb. 7. 

After a busy week of politics with the impeachment trial and Iowa Caucus, ABC, WMUR-TV and Apple News hosted the eighth Democratic debate of the 2020 presidential election on Friday, Feb. 7.

The debate was in Manchester, New Hampshire, at Saint Anselm College. It was hosted by ABC, WMUR-TV and Apple News just days before the New Hampshire primary. The seven qualifying Democratic candidates took the stage to discuss some of the pressing issues in the United States today. Below are five of the main points discussed at the debate.

Health care

Health care was once again a main issue discussed in the debate. Former Vice President Joe Biden endorsed his health care plan that builds off of Obamacare, which was met with some criticism across the stage from candidates such as Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Amy Klobuchar. Sanders’ Medicare for All plan was met with disagreement from Klobuchar, stating that his bill would take millions of people off of their current health care. Instead she said they should focus on rehabilitation and elderly care. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s main focus was on lowering the prices of prescriptions, as well as making all aspects of healthcare more affordable for people of all socioeconomic status.

President Donald Trump and impeachment acquittal

Andrew Yang pointed out that while Trump has posed certain problems since the beginning of his administration, not all of the issues began in 2016. He said that solving the problems that have been facing America for years is the key to getting a Democrat in the Oval Office. Warren said that the rule of law in the country has disappointed people since the impeachment of Trump, and people are slowly losing hope in the government and those who run it. The president should not use intimidation and corrupt practices to do his job, according to Sanders. Tom Steyer said that the corruption of the Republican party was a main part of the acquittal of president Trump, and that he did not deserve to be elected, stating again of his Need to Impeach movement starting in 2017. A common consensus on the stage was that the Democratic Party must stick together, regardless of the fact that they are competing for the same position.

Soleimani strike

Buttigeig said that the Soleimani strike did not make American any safer. He said that Trump did not evaluate all of the intelligence available, and that the intelligence he did observe did not warrant this kind of action. Biden said that he also would not have issued the strike. Biden and Buttigeig agreed that Trump exploits the military and does not understand the importance of the actions they perform. Sanders, likewise said that Trump’s decision was poor, and will cause foreign relations for America to plummet.

War in Afghanistan

Warren said the war has been going on so long, that there is no clear solution to the war. She said it is time to stop sending troops into the country, because it will only result in the loss of more life, with no peace in the near future. She said there is more of a need to focus on working with allies to end terrorism and end the war. According to Biden, pulling out the troops with result in the loss of life, referencing the war crimes against the Kurds, and the terrorism experienced in Turkey by ISIS.

Opioid crisis

Buttigeig mentioned that there is a lack of attention given to addicts. Yang suggested the stigma surrounding drugs causes the lack of users reporting their problems. He said the government should show support for those who suffer from addiction, and offer opportunities for rehabilitation. Biden and Klobuchar referenced their connection and participation in drug courts. Klobuchar specifically, said that she does not want to see the same person in the court more than once, and supports rehabilitation centers, and wants to see more support for those who have drug problems.

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