Beutel Tent

COVID-19 testing will be done in a tent located in Lot 27 adjacent to Beutel Health Center.

Provost and Executive Vice President Carol Fierke sent out a university-wide email with the latest updates to the fall semester on July 27.

This update reminds students that open registration is available and while most classes are set, some courses may continue to shift until classes begin. Fierke said students should monitor their class schedules and ask their advisors if any questions or issues arise.

Additionally, the email included more details on the COVID-19 testing available on campus. Testing is open to all Texas A&M students, faculty and staff, Monday through Friday. Below are the specific details included in the email.

  • Priority for testing is given to those with symptoms associated with COVID-19 infections and those who have been in close contact with known or suspected cases. Close contact is defined as closer than six feet for 15 minutes or longer.
  • Appointment windows open one to two days prior to their availability.
  • Testing is done in a tent in Lot 27 adjacent to Beutel Health Center.
  • To schedule an appointment, click here.
  • Lab results will be available in two to three days from the time the test is taken. Negative test results will be provided directly to the individual via email. Positive test results will be reported to the Department of State Health Services, Brazos County Health Department and the Texas A&M Investigation and Operations Center. The Operations Center will contact you directly to provide additional guidance.

Fierke also emphasized the new COVID-19 Report Form and the subsequent contact tracing to reduce the spread of the virus on campus.

According to the email, A&M will also be creating new socially-distanced outdoor study spaces with tents, cafe tables and wifi access as well as additional furniture in shaded areas around Evans Library and the Langford Architecture building.

“We are optimistic that, with our planning and logistics and your help, we will meet our goals of providing the best education as safely as possible,” Fierke said.

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