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Dude Perfect continues to plan trick shots

Published: Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 22:07

dude perfect

Courtesy Photo

Sean Townsend, Cody Jones, Garret Hilbert, Tyler Toney, Cory Cotton and Coby Cotton are six Aggie friends known nationally as Dude Perfect.


Courtesy Photo

Tyler Toney does an interview before the “plane shot.”

Six Aggies are shooting hoops and nabbing television interviews all over the nation.  These six Aggies are best friends, roommates and a basketball sensation. These six Aggies are Dude Perfect.

Dude Perfect was created when six friends began shooting baskets in their backyard in College Station.

"One day Tyler Toney was saying ‘if I make this shot, you owe me a Jimmy Johns sandwich,'" said Cody Jones of fellow Dude Perfect member Tyler Toney. Jones and senior finance major said, "we started making ridiculous shots. We got out our camera and put it on the computer. We put music to it, and in one week we had 100,000 hits, not even meaning to."

Jones said they had no intention of going big, but the team is getting attention from the press and the popularity continues to grow. The biggest accomplishment so far is the trip an NBA agent set up for them.

"It was a weird feeling because we're just scrubby college kids," he said. "It was a weird experience for us because we are not used to being treated like that. Our plane ticket was $965, and we were just baffled because it's the little things that are a big deal to us."

Yet no matter how popular the team gets, Jones said Dude Perfect's main priority is their friendship.

"I'm always going to talk about the guys," he said. "Our friendship is the most important. We are trying to stay humbled and grounded, and we're not going to try to run off and make it on our own."

The most recent shots Dude Perfect made were part of a GMC promotional campaign, the most popular being the "plane shot."

"The plane shot is the one shot we have talked about doing for quite a while," said Toney, senior wildlife and fisheries major. "So when we got the opportunity it was just kind of surreal, and to go there and make it on the second try was even more unbelievable. We're blessed."

When GMC set up the team to do the plane shot, Jones said there was a lot of pressure to make the shot just because they were used to making the videos on, but this time many people were there watching.

"We had to wait for them to set up the cameras and all," he said. "The first shot was 40 feet off, and we were just thinking we were going to be there all day. For the second try, Tyler had 10 balls up there with him. We're all yelling at him to let go. The ball flies and just swishes. It was a miracle shot. It was unbelievable."

Dude Perfect is not all about basketball.  The team adopts children around the world and gives money to fight malaria.

"We have adopted 24 children that we sponsor, and we continue to do that," Jones said. "Our new thing we've been doing is hospital visits, and we are taking our money in College Station and seeing what can be done. We've done things like get a family with six kids and one mom a basketball hoop."

Tom Heinemann, a friend of Jones and class of 2009, said he is entertained by the shots made by Dude Perfect.

"The creativity is a big part of it, and you can tell they really thought about the shots and how to make them," he said. "Cody has always been a basketball player, and I've played against him growing up. It's been fun to watch them grow and take something simple and make it big."

Toney said the team is privileged to have such opportunities.

"We're nothing special, just a few college guys that enjoy spending time with each other, basketball and being competitive," he said. "As long as we have this publicity, we're just going to give the glory back to God."


See for yourself
View the original video that placed the group in the spotlight and the GMC promo at


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