College Station Fire Dept.

Oct. 6 through Oct. 12 College Station Fire Department and Domino’s Pizza are partnering up to promote fire prevention.

A college student’s favorite meal could be delivered to them by firefighters instead of their local Domino’s employees during fire prevention awareness week.

The week of Oct. 6 to 12 sees the return of an annual partnership between the College Station Fire Department and Domino’s Pizza to promote fire prevention in the community. On Tuesday, Oct. 7 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., any customer that places a delivery order with Domino’s Pizza can be randomly selected to have their purchase brought to them by a unit of local firefighters.

According to Blake Dick, assistant manager of the Domino’s University Drive location, the fire department will pick an order to go on a delivery with and ask the customers if they’d like to have their smoke detectors and safety units checked. The customers’ order will be free if the firefighters find the fire safety conditions within the residence to be good. If they do not meet the standard, the firefighters can help get the resident’s detectors up to code.

Dick said his Domino’s Pizza location has participated in a partnership with the fire department to promote safety awareness for at least four years. Around 90 percent of the people agree to let the firefighters come into the home to perform a safety check, Dick said.

“Everybody benefits from the community actually being aware, and we just really enjoy being a part of that process,” Dick said.

Domino’s has enjoyed the partnership with the fire department, Dick said. In the past, the drivers were able to ride in a fire truck during fire prevention week, and the deliveries were made in the fire trucks, he said. Now the firefighters follow behind the Domino’s drivers.

“It’s been a lot of fun for the drivers,” Dick said. “They enjoy actually going on these runs. It’s different for them, but they really enjoy it.”

Misty Ramos, a delivery expert at the Domino’s William Joel Bryan location, said that this is her first year working with the company and she believes this partnership can be useful in raising awareness about fire prevention — all while allowing drivers to learn from the firemen.

“I think it’s great to get as much knowledge as possible,” Ramos said. “I’m sure the drivers could use more knowledge and get some tips from the firemen and women.”

Safety information is available from the College Station Fire Department through the City of College Station’s website.

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