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Creator of C++ recognized

The Battalion

Published: Monday, October 11, 2010

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 21:07

Bjarne Stroustrup was recognized as a Distinguished Professor for his contributions to computer science and software development at Texas A&M.

Stroustrup is the inventor of C++, a programming language originally designed for electrical and computer engineering and is used widely in technical fields.

"I'm sure my promotion had a lot to do with the use of C++ in engineering. C++ is designed to make multiple systems and from it a lot of good systems have been built," Stroustrup said. "If you use Google, Photoshop, cell phones, it's all C++."

Stroustrup is the college of engineering chairman in computer science at A&M and has been teaching at the University for eight years.  

Senior computer science major Larry Schultz said he used C++ all four years in college, and he prefers this language as it allows him to program more freely.

"C++ is a highly flexible language. You are not constrained on your coding style as you may be with using Java or C programming languages," Schultz said.

Computer science and computer engineering teaching assistant Le Zhang said while he does not teach C++, Stroustrup's implementation of basic programming has paved the way for technological advances and significantly changed computer programming.

"The course I teach uses Pascal, a fundamental of C++, and I can tell you that Stroustrup's work of making the more advanced and convenient language of C++ allows students can get a deeper insight on computer language," Zhang said. "His contribution is one immeasurable."

Since its release in 1985, C++ has spread extensively. Stroustrup has published numerous books on programming, all translated in different languages and read around the world. He now teaches graduate classes regarding his research related to analysis on programs and library and language design.

"I've had lots of people help me all these years and one reason my work is appreciated here is that it brings current knowledge of industry to students. I'm keen on fundamentals. It was fundamentals 25 years ago and it'll be fundamentals 25 years from now," Stroustrup said.

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