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Squadron 17 is one of over 40 units in Texas A&M's Corps of Cadets.

Following two reported clusters of COVID-19 cases at sorority houses, Texas A&M has reported a third cluster — this time in Squadron 17 in the university’s Corps of Cadets.

According to the Clery Act section of A&M’s COVID-19 website, this cluster was first reported on Sept. 2

Squadron 17, also known as “Challenger 17,” is currently an all-male Air Force outfit in the Corps that contains 64 students. Squadron 17 is housed in Dorm 7 on The Quad along with Squadron 3, Squadron 4, Squadron 8 and the First Wing Staff.

According to A&M Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communication Kelly Brown, no cadets from that Corps unit remained in their dorm and are either off-campus or in a temporary room on campus designated for self-isolation.

"Under A&M’s policy, those who received a negative test result but were in close contact with someone who tested positive must still quarantine for 14 days from the time of close contact as it’s possible to develop symptoms during that time," Brown said in an email to The Battalion. "The other Corps members who tested negative in that same unit were either moved to an on-campus quarantine quarters (not their regular dorm; all were temporarily moved out) or to an off-campus home. They are not to be interacting with other units, participating in activities or going to class in person until cleared by contact tracers."

A&M has not yet confirmed the number of how many students in Squadron 17 have tested positive for the virus or how many students are currently isolating.

This is a developing story and will be updated as we receive additional information.

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