Josh Feldman

Thursday morning, 2020-2021 Corps Commander Tanner Cedrone announced the Corps of Cadets’ endorsement for Josh Feldman to be A&M’s next student body president in an email to the Feldman campaign and The Battalion.

Junior leaders of the Corps met with the candidates for student body president Wednesday night to interview them and choose a student to endorse. Corps Sergeant Major Connor Fortier served at the chair of last night’s endorsement board and said Feldman is their choice for SBP due to his desire to support the Corps.

“After a meeting with all the student body president candidates and conducting interviews, the Class of 2022 leadership team has decided to endorse Josh Feldman for student body president,” Fortier said. “Josh’s dedication to our Core Values, eagerness to serve and desire to connect with, better understand and support the Corps of Cadets distinguished him from the other candidates. We believe he is the best candidate, not only for the Corps, but also to lead the university.”

In addition to endorsing Feldman for SBP, the junior leaders also selected the 5 For Yell campaign to endorse for Yell Leader. Students running with the 5 For Yell campaign are Zac Cross and Kipp Knecht for junior Yell and Noah Ferguson, Memo Salinas and Woods Johnson for senior Yell.

“Their character and commitment represent the best of the Corps of Cadets,” Fortier said. “We feel they would represent us faithfully to the greater university and beyond.”

Student elections opened at at 9 a.m. on Feb. 25 and will close at 12 p.m. on Feb. 26.

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