Ring Polishing

An Aggie Ring is polished at Montelongo's

There are several options in the Bryan-College Station area for getting Aggie Rings cleaned free of cost to Aggies looking to polish their gold.

Beyond Aggieland, there aren’t many places that will clean Aggie Rings without a fee. However, there are several jewelers and resources in the area that will perform a safe, in-depth cleaning for Aggie Rings without any charge. From locally-owned shops to the Association of Former Students, Aggies can get their rings cleaned in a variety of places.

Located in Post Oak Mall, Christie’s Jewelers offers free Aggie Ring cleanings in which the ring will be first put through an ionic cleaning, followed by ultrasonic cleaning. When the dirt is loosened from these two processes, the ring then undergoes a steam process to remove all the dirt particles. According to Hassan Kassam, Class of 1983 and owner of Christie’s Jewelers, this process is used on Aggie Rings and other gold jewelry, as it is the safest and most effective cleaning method.

“Specifically for Aggie Rings, we use a multi-step ultrasonic method to clean them,” Kassam said. “Being an Aggie myself, we don’t charge anything for Aggie Ring cleanings.”

Additionally, Montelongo’s Fine Jewelry, located at 410 University Dr E, offers a similar ring cleaning process but also includes a more hands-on approach. Instead of ionic cleaning, the ring is first buffed by hand with rogue, which is cleaned off in the ultrasonic cleaner and steamed. According to Jesse Montelongo, owner of Montelongo’s, Aggie Rings will be cleaned for free, and it takes approximately five minutes for the entire process.

“We clean about five to six Aggie Rings on a regular day, and on game days about 30 Aggie Rings come in for cleaning,” Montelongo said. “The whole family will come in and the kids, parents and grandparents all take their rings off to get them sparkling.”

While there are stores that offer free Aggie Ring cleanings in the Bryan-College Station area, Association of Former Students Vice President and Class of 1988 Kathryn Greenwade said Aggie Rings have a lifetime warranty which covers cleaning, resizing, refinishing and restoration. According to Greenwade, if any work is done on the ring outside of the Association, including cleaning, the warranty is void and fees will apply for future repairs from the Association.

The Association of Former Students recommends two options for having rings cleaned or polished that do not void the warranty and are not costly, said Greenwade.

“The Aggie Ring Office can provide cleaning for natural finish rings, using our sonic cleaner, which takes five to ten minutes and is free of charge,” said Greenwade. “Balfour, the manufacturer of the ring can provide a professional deep cleaning, buff and polish for all rings. This option takes approximately four to six weeks and the cleaning itself is free of charge. The only cost associated with this option is a $10 shipping fee.”

For more information on Aggie Ring warranty and cleaning options provided by the Association of Former Students, visit https://www.aggienetwork.com/ring/warranty-and-service/.

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