Returning to some pre-COVID-19 normalcy, Aggies will gather for the 2021 campus Muster in Kyle Field to watch a live-stream of the ceremony.

The ceremony will occur in its usual venue in Reed Arena on April 21, with only the honored families, members of the Class of 1971, the Ross Volunteers and event speakers present. Kyle Field will open at 5 p.m. for all other attendees, and the ceremony begins at 7 p.m.

The seating at Kyle Field will be first come, first served, and free parking will be available in Lots 48 and 62. Those in attendance are required to wear masks, maintain social distancing and adhere to all A&M and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, COVID-19 health protocols.

“Texas A&M and Campus Muster are dedicated to the safety and health of all Aggies. CDC and Texas A&M [COVID]-19 safety guidelines will be enforced at all times during the 2021 Campus Muster Ceremony,” the Muster website reads.

Only clear bags will be allowed in Kyle Field, and lit candles, which are part of the typical Muster tradition, will not be allowed at the live stream viewing.

Those who cannot attend in person can watch the live stream of the event online at Muster Live.

In a March 30 press release, Muster Chair Lauren Kraus said the number one priority of the ceremony is to honor the families and the fallen Aggies.

“We are thankful to our Texas A&M partners as they helped us open this way for our peers to safely engage with the ceremony,” Kraus said. “Kyle Field participants will feel as if they are right with our honored families on the floor of Reed Arena. We know the act of gathering in person somewhere with fellow Aggies feels just as part of the Muster tradition as a solemn ‘here.’ We are excited to broaden Muster to meet this current moment.”

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