Welcome Back Bash

Mayor of College Station Karl Mooney and Mayor of Bryan Andrew Nelson made proclamations celebrating the College of Education and Human Development’s 50th anniversary with Dean Joyce Alexander (center).

The 50th birthday of the College of Education and Human Development united both College Station and Bryan with a proclamation from its mayors.

The College of Education and Human Development had their 50th Anniversary and annual Welcome Back Bash on Sept. 19 with mayor of College Station Karl Mooney and mayor of Bryan Andrew Nelson providing a proclamation to honor the college’s milestone. The proclamation was made at noon just outside of Harrington Tower near the “Shaping the Future” sculpture. The Byrne Student Success Center’s College of Education and Human Development student council hosted the event from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Nelson and Mooney arrived at the event where they delivered the proclamation “Texas A&M University College of Education and Human Development’s 50th Anniversary,” and spoke on the impact the college

“Education has a huge impact on cities in Texas and around the country,” Nelson said. “So, as a part of Aggieland, [and] as a mayor here representing the city of Bryan with our special relationship with Texas A&M and the College of Education, it’s absolutely fitting that we’d be here to honor this anniversary.”

The 50th milestone celebration recognized the accomplishments and leaders that have come about from the College of Education and Human Development. Several Texas leaders have resulted from not only the university as a whole but from the successful college as well, according to Nelson.

“We’ve been here as a part of Aggieland from the very beginning,” Nelson said. “It’s a good time to look back and say ‘look at what we’ve accomplished, look at the leaders we’ve created,’ and that’s what we’re doing today is to honor and celebrate them.”

The event expanded to two locations for this years celebration, with volunteers handing out t-shirts, pizza and dessert at the Harrington Education Center and Blocker.

Interdisciplinary studies junior and events chair of CEHD Taylor Gomez said that the Welcome Back Bash provides a space for students to interact with the department outside of academia.

“It’s basically a party to welcome back students back to Aggieland," Gomez said. “[There is] free merchandise, t-shirts, lanyards, food- just to show that we are very welcoming and inclusive college and we appreciate the students.”

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