Voting by Mail

Due to the addition of two Green Party candidates to the Brazos County general election ballot, there may be delays in when voters will receive their updated mail-in ballots.

The change in the 2020 General Election ballot ordered by the Supreme Court was announced in a Sept. 17 press release from Public Communications Officer Barbara Smith with the Office of the County Judge. As a result of election officials making the changes and retaking public tests, voters may not receive their mail-in ballots by the end of September as the county originally planned.

Brazos County Elections Administrator Trudy Hancock said the timeline may not be met, but wants voters to know that they will receive it with plenty of time before the election.

“I want to offer reassurance that, even if the ballots don’t get to the voters by the end of September, they will still arrive in time to be filled out and returned prior to the election,” Hancock said. “It is always our goal to make sure every vote counts.”

According to, Oct. 23 is the last day to receive an application for ballot by mail.

“We can mail applications for the voter to fill out and return back to us or the voter can write a letter stating their name, local address, address where they are, reason why their voting absentee and it must include the voters’ signature,” the website reads.

General Election early voting occurs on the specified dates from Oct. 13-30, with the regular General Election held on Nov. 3 at 26 different locations throughout Brazos County.

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