Texas A&M Kingsville Hueytzen J. Wu

Hueytzen J. Wu was a professor of mathematics at Texas A&M-Kingsville.

On Oct. 7, Kingsville Police found the body of Texas A&M-Kingsville professor Hultzen J. Wu, Ph.D. Wu had been missing for six days when his body was found at Boca Chica Beach, according to KiiiNews. Wu was 75 years old and worked as a professor in A&M-Kingsville’s math department with research interests in functional analysis and general topology.

Prior to Wu’s unexpected passing, a large sum of money was withdrawn from his account, police told KiiiNews, and he was last spotted at a convenience store near Benavides and Hebbronville on Oct. 1.

Kingsville Police said witnesses reported that he “appeared to be dazed and confused and did not seem to know where he was or where he was going. He was also a diabetic and believed to be without his medication,” KiiiNews reported.

Police found Wu’s vehicle crashed, with no one inside, on Oct. 7 before finding his body near the beach. Before his discovery, family friend Tracy Joyner Bru told The South Texan that the crashed car only led to more questions.

“We can only speculate about whether he was still in the van when it crashed. No people were found in it,” Joyner Bru said.

A&M-Kingsville extended their condolences to Wu’s family, sharing a message on their Twitter account in remembrance of the late professor.

Investigators with the Cameron County Sheriff's Department said they do not suspect foul play, as Wu’s body did not appear to have any injuries, but an autopsy is pending.

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