Class of 20 Rings update

After the cancellation of Ring Day and the delay of deliveries due to an executive order, the Association of Former Students will now be able to ship rings.

The Association of Former Students will now be able to ship Aggie Rings to those who ordered them for the April Ring Day.

In an email sent to ring recipients, the Association announced that they are finally able to proceed with shipping. Recipients may choose to have their ring shipped at no additional cost or pick it up at the Williams Alumni Center after normal campus operations resumes, the date of which is yet to be determined. Rings are expected to be delivered between April 28 and May 8.

Aggie Ring Day was initially canceled March 17 due to the coronavirus outbreak. The alternative delivery method was later further delayed in compliance with Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive orders regarding essential businesses.

Although the Aggie Ring has been a symbol of community for A&M students and alumni for over a century, Ring Day as we now know it is a recent tradition.

“The power of the Aggie Ring does not emanate from one day of celebration but from its significance as the most visible symbol of the worldwide Aggie Network and the connections it facilitates among Aggies,” the email reads. “We hope you will wear your Ring for many years to come and cherish the memories you’ll create and connections you’ll meet while wearing it.”

Kathryn Greenwade, vice president of the Association, commends students for how they’ve handled the uncertainty surrounding this Ring Day and semester.

“Over the last few weeks, Texas A&M students have handled the disruptions associated with COVID-19 and social distancing requirements in a manner consistent with our Texas A&M core values,” Greenwade said. “The Association of Former Students greatly appreciates the patience and understanding demonstrated by our April Ring recipients and is eager to begin the process of shipping Aggie Rings, now that state guidelines allow us to do so.” 

Ring recipients can go to or to schedule their delivery or opt to pick it up at the Alumni Center, and visit for more information.

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