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A&M tops conservative students list

Published: Monday, August 2, 2010

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 19:07

The Princeton Review released its annual ranking of universities across the country Monday. Texas A&M University topped the charts for "most conservative students" and came in at number five for best athletic facilities and number 16 for "students pack the stadiums."

The University also was selected as one of the top 10 best value public colleges, based on an evaluation of available financial aid and the cost of attendance.

The rankings — which cover a number of topics including drug use on campus, the popularity of sororities and fraternities, and widespread political views — are based on e-mail surveys of 122,000 students at more than 370 universities.

The surveys are completed voluntarily, with an average of 325 students from each school completing questions for the nearly 60 categories covered by the survey.

Aggies also ranked number 15 in the category of "future Rotarians and Daughters of the American Revolution," which is an additional evaluation of students' traditionally conservative values, as indicated by responses to questions concerning religion, acceptance of the LGBT community and use of illegal substances.

The University of Texas at Austin ranked number six for top party schools. The category's champion for 2010 is the University of Georgia in Athens, where nearly 100 bars crowd the city's downtown area.



Texas A&M's rankings

  • 5 - Best College Newspaper
  • 5 - Best Athletic Facilities
  • 15 - Class Discussions Rare
  • 15- Future Rotarians and Daughters of the American Revolution
  • 16 - Students Pack the Stadiums
  • 17 - LGBT-Unfriendly

"I was thrilled to see that we have maintained our spot in the top 5 college newspapers in the country," said Matt Woolbright, Fall 2010 editor-in-chief of The Battalion. "I think it says a great deal about the skill, passion and determination of everyone involved with The Battalion. The people I have met working on staff are some of the most incredible people I know, and I am extremely proud to be a part of this team. I will say that my charge all along has been to be the best college newspaper in the country. This is no secret to the staff, and they are ready to show the everyone what we can accomplish together."

Woolbright said he thought the paper received such a good response because of the stories that focus on what matters to students.

"Our first duty is to our classmates, so I am very happy to see that they think we are doing a good job with our top priority," he said. "We want to keep getting better and are looking into ways to incorporate even more students' opinions in how we operate and what we cover. The students of Texas A&M are our top priority and always will be."


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jenn colby
Tue Aug 17 2010 11:19
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Wed Aug 4 2010 10:10
Gay Aggie,
Thank you for your positive outlook. Like many of the posters, I was frustrated to see A&M ranked so high in the category but thanks to your putting it in context realize that we are at least making progress. We certainly are not there yet, but at least we have hope for a day when Aggies are welcoming to all people regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or anything else. Then and only then will A&M be a great university for all...
Tue Aug 3 2010 17:35
Nicely put sir
Gay Aggie
Tue Aug 3 2010 16:29
I think it's important to recognize that while we are ranked as the 17th least friendly campus to Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender students...we do need to celebrate the fact that we are quickly making progress in that area. To provide some historical context...during the first 15 or so years that the Princeton Review asked questions about how friendly the campus is towards GLBT students, Texas A&M was always in the top 10 least friendly. During the early 2000's we have been as high as the 3rd least friendly. Recognizing this fact, students faculty staff and administrators have developed resources including the GLBT Resource Center (in Cain Hall C118), the recognized student organization GLBT Aggies which meets weekly during the school year, the GLBT Professional Network for faculty staff and grad students...and incorporated information about the GLBT community in many aspects of campus diversity initiatives. Since the GLBT Resource Center opened three years ago, we have moved from the top of the least friendly list to a position that shows clear progress in this area. It's not where many of us would like to see our campus listed.....but we do need to celebrate progress when it happens and encourage those who are working to make A&M an affirming environment for every aggie every day.
Tue Aug 3 2010 15:36
My personal experience puts A&M a lot higher on the list of being LGBT-unfriendly . . . not to mention being hostile to any sort of progressivism or, god forbid, feminists or those who are actually aware of racism.
Tue Aug 3 2010 14:53
Realize that these are the results based on surveys of "an average of 325 students from each school." A&M's student body has over 45000 students. One's experience speaks a completely different story.
Tue Aug 3 2010 14:10
That's too bad. One would hope that we would turn out more open-minded students, but that's the way it's always been and will always be I guess. Perhaps when some get out in the "real world" they will become more tolerant.
Tue Aug 3 2010 14:09
That's too bad. One would hope that we would turn out more open-minded students, but that's the way it's always been and will always be I guess. Perhaps when some get out in the "real world" they will become more tolerant.
Tue Aug 3 2010 13:12
Wow, I'm so proud to be part of a school that ends up on lists about how unfriendly students are to fellow students. Seriously, good going, Aggies.
Tue Aug 3 2010 13:12
Tue Aug 3 2010 00:21
why brag about being unfriendly to fellow aggies?

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