Spring 2021 Brief

Texas A&M university released an updated spring schedule in preparation for another semester affected by COVID-19.

The university has altered the Spring 2021 semester schedule, affecting Spring Break, commencement ceremonies, final exams and holidays, according to a university wide email from Provost and Executive Vice President Carol Fierke.

The spring academic calendar will now include a one-day Spring Break on Mar. 19, additional graduation ceremonies on May 8-21 and an additional final exam day. The university has also implemented a one-day break for Texas Independence Day on Mar. 2 and re-scheduled staff holidays on Dec. 23 and May 28.

These changes are a result of COVID-19 safety precautions regarding student traveling, the online course format and social distancing at in-person events.

“We need to adjust the spring 2021 calendar for graduate and undergraduate students in College Station and Galveston so that the university can begin addressing issues critical to the provision of services as safely as possible,” the email reads.

Fierke said, similar to the fall semester, courses will continue to be offered in an online format, but with the goal to allow students at least two in-person classes. However, the university will be offering a new choice for students.

“One new option we are providing is for some course sections to be offered only face-to-face, although those courses must either be an elective or also have a section of the course offered remotely,” the email reads.

Academic departments are currently finalizing the course offerings for spring 2021 and class registration is scheduled for Nov. 5. The face covering policy and scheduled passing periods will continue into the spring semester.

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