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Texas A&M has made many adjustments for the Fall 2020 semester, including students not returning to campus after Thanksgiving Break.

In a campus-wide email, Provost and Executive Vice President Carol Fierke announced more updates regarding the upcoming fall semester.

Updates include details about the university calendar, class scheduling and the instruction of courses.

According to the update, with the exception of some professional programs, students will not be required to attend a face-to-face class and generally should not be required to be on campus.

“We are prepared to be fluid in our planning and are building in contingency plans as needed,” Fierke said. “What will not change is our firm commitment to you that Texas A&M, as a public land grant institution, will fulfill our commitment to provide the best possible education, research, and service to our state.”

Fierke said a new schedule of courses will be available for review on July 6 and almost every course will see changes to their start times and location.

Additional technological changes include a university-wide requirement for all students to have access to a computer and a webcam for online and remote instruction.

“Instructors may require that students turn on cameras during class and this should be stated clearly in the syllabus,” the update states. “The university’s new Bring Your Own Device policy requires that students have access to a webcam.”

In the fall, A&M will offer courses three ways; face-to-face and synchronously streamed on Zoom, remote only, or online. For face-to-face instruction, all classrooms have been equipped with a movable plexiglass shield for instructors to stand behind as they teach.

For more updates on A&M’s fall semester, click here.

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