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A&M and homosexuality

Breakaway’s strange bedfellows

Published: Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 22:07

After an introduction, Mr. Dallas begins his sympathetic tale. He describes a life of patriarchal neglect, sexual molestation, licentiousness and abuse. In a particularly harrowing moment he comments: "I think if you ask anyone who has been either sexually molested or physically abused they'll tell you that there are lies you begin to believe when that happens. You tend to believe that that is love; that what people want from you is either physical or sexual; that what matters most in life is power, how to get it, how to keep it; that you don't have much to offer apart from that… I thought God was watching, but that he just didn't care."

It's moving stuff, but Mr. Dallas over-extends his points.

As he said earlier in the video: "There's no question that that [molestation] played into my confusion later on in my life." Only Mr. Dallas can judge whether he was "confused" or not, but it's a leap to condemning homosexuality as a whole. That condemnation, it should be reiterated, is in the face of the aforementioned medical associations.

Christians divided

Mr. Dallas' "Christian" views on homosexuality are far from uncommon. But, the number who agrees is waning. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America now allows homosexuals in committed relationships to serve in the clergy, and recognizes lifelong couples of the same gender. In July of 2009 the Episcopalian Church opened all ordained positions to gays.The Church of England, too, allows for homosexual, but celibate, Bishops.

Aside from these, and the plethora of Christians who affirm same-sex marriage, there are those advocates who actively preach pro-gay theologies. Anathema to some, their circumventions are not frivolous. The usual theses are as follows:

First, homosexuality is mentioned only six times in the Bible, which hardly attributes it importance. Second, two of these are in the Old Testament, which places it aside a host of outdated, and possibly mistranslated rules. Third, New Testament exhortations — which can rival Old Testaments oddities— are written by Paul, who exhibits a gratingly loose writing style which borders on obfuscation. Fourth, and perhaps most important, is Jesus' notable silence on the subject.

That aside, Breakaway is not an unfriendly entity in itself: No doubt students are more enamored with Mr. Stuart than Mr. Dallas. The felling of our ranking (from tenth to seventeenth) is no doubt less tied to a continued link on a website and more to one particular instance last year: SB 63-106, the Sexual Education Equality in Funding bill.

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