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Drew Nelson: Support your team with class, not booing


Published: Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Howdy students! Saturday truly showed off the power of the 12th Man. Despite the outcome, it was a game day we can always look back on as one of the most anticipated and exciting of our college careers.

However, there were a few issues the 12th Man needs to correct if we want to remain being known as one of the most intimidating — but still hospitable — crowds in all of college football.

First of all, Aggies do not boo. Ever. Not when there is an obviously wrong penalty, not when a coach makes a questionable decision and definitely not when an opposing player is down on the field injured. While it has been speculated that plenty of teams attempted to slow down our high-powered offense by having players fake injuries, people in the stands still do not have any idea whether or not injuries are legitimate. At one point, Aggie fans were booing an injured LSU player while LSU was on offense. It makes zero sense for a team to fake an injury while they are on offense. In the end though, even if it is completely obvious a team is faking, we are Aggies and Aggies do not boo.

Another thing that needs to be addressed was when a small segment of the student section began chanting curse words. There is zero room for that at Texas A&M under any circumstance. Luckily, unlike the booing, it was not loud enough to be heard by TV viewers. Doing this has the potential to quickly destroy A&M’s reputation as one of the friendliest fan bases and makes our fans (and school as a whole) appear juvenile.

Kyle Field has the best student section in college football. It is up to the current students to maintain traditions that have been in place for many years before us that make this so. Not booing is a tradition as is treating our visitors with respect and class. Do not be afraid to call out your neighbors in the stands for booing or doing anything that lacks the class of a Texas Aggie. The Yell Leaders implore the student body to show off what makes the 12th Man so special during our last two home games by upholding the great traditions of Texas A&M.

Drew Nelson is an accounting major and senior yell leader.


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