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Mail Call: From Richard Guzman, senior electrical engineering major

Published: Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 20:07

I understand how the economy is, but how can transportation spend so much money on these three-wheel Segways when staff cannot get their yearly raise? I am a student worker and my wage could not go up its yearly extra quarter, nor can my department afford a golf cart to better serve the eight buildings we take care of. I called the company from which Transportation Services purchased these new Segways. They cost an average of $9,000 and one lady who was writing tickets told us they bought the $10,000 models! How is it fair or right that transportation can be throwing away $80k in new Segways while the scooters they used to use, are sitting in the parking garages with no one to use them! This is wrong when everyone cannot get a raise and is struggling with payments, but Texas A&M approved this purchase which allows for even more parking tickets to the students and staff the University already charges so much money for being here.

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