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Open House

Published: Thursday, January 17, 2013

Updated: Thursday, January 17, 2013 22:01

Student organizations, groups and clubs are a huge part of A&M culture. Not only do they offer students a chance to get involved and have an impact on campus, but they also provide fun, purpose and a way to meet others with similar interests.

This Sunday, the Spring MSC Open House will offer students the opportunity to interact with and learn about over 300 organizations. The event, held every semester by MSC Marketing and the Division of Student Affairs offers a venue for clubs and groups to gather and reach out to students in one cohesive body.

Jan Bradfield, the MSC Marketing Advisor, said that now is the time for students to explore different interests and get involved in peer organizations.

“College is a time where you have a lot of precious extra circular time, so it is important to choose how wisely you spend it,” said Bradfield. “Getting involved on campus gives students the chance to meet people they might not otherwise have met.”

The MSC Open House seems to offer a place for everyone. Featuring organizations varying from MSC OPAS to Texas A&M Cupcakes, the event will highlight a wide array of clubs and student groups. Religious, leadership, professional and purely-for-fun organizations will all be present at the event.

Michael Martin, a sophomore english major said that the MSC Open House really helps students find their niches with the wide variety of clubs present at A&M.

“I feel like the MSC does a great job of really providing students with a lot to choose from when it comes to organizations,” Martin said.

Christy Santen, a junior allied health major said she has enjoyed getting involved in her campus organization, the TAMU Orchestra Club.

“Orchestra has allowed me to build on my musical skills after high school,” Santen said. “The club’s like a family.”

Getting involved in organizations can broaden horizons and help students diversify, as well as build on experience while learning leadership.

“MSC LEAD has really helped develop my leadership and organizational skills,” Michael Terry, a junior biomedical sciences major, said.

In addition to providing students with the opportunity to get involved in with clubs, the MSC Open House also gives student organizations the chance to reach out to and recruit students. With over 15,000 students having attended the two previous Open Houses, the event offers a lot of exposure to clubs looking for prospective members.

Lindsey Landers, a sophomore business major and the president of International Justice Mission, said MSC Open House gives clubs the chance to reach out to students directly and interact with them in an organized setting.

“MSC Open House gives you the opportunity to have personal conversations with students and advertise your organization in a nonthreatening way,” Landers said. “You’re able to connect with them and let them know the mission of your organization.”

Of course, none of this would be possible without the efforts of the various organizations running the event. Volunteers from MSC Box Office, University Center Complex, Rudder Theater Complex, Student Activities and the Department of Information Technology will all be making sure the event runs smoothly. Numerous things are done to help students navigate and make the most of the event. Help desks and floor maps will be clearly available to aide students in the vast array of tables and banners.

“There’s quite a bit of effort that goes into putting this on,” Bradfield said. “We want to provide a place for students to come and have easy access to all of the organizations.”


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