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MSC opens bold exhibition, features Mesoamerican art

Published: Thursday, January 17, 2013

Updated: Thursday, January 17, 2013 18:01


Kathy Sosa uses paints, oils, fabrics and wallpaper in her portraits.

With the start of another semester comes a new exhibit at James Reynolds Student Art Gallery in the MSC. Kathy Sosa, a mixed media artist from San Antonio, presents her Mesoamerican-inspired art in a brilliant display of bold colors, portraits and abstract themes.

The gallery opened Wednesday with a new look and feel as the MSC welcomed Kathy Sosa’s latest series. Her two sequences, “Huipiles: a Celebration” and “Trees of Life,” will decorate the gallery in a mix of oils, paints and fabric. Sosa said both series feature women, with “Huipiles: a Celebration” comprised primarily of portraits and “Trees of Life” highlighting the theological concept of connections in life.

“’Huipiles’ is basically over-the-top portraits with fabrics and textiles in the backgrounds,” Sosa said. “’Trees of Life’ has the figures of women connected with trees in various ways.”

“Huipiles” is what originally garnered recognition for Sosa, having been displayed at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington D.C. for the 2007 summer season of “Mexico at the Smithsonian.” Her work has also been recognized by CNN, “FiberArts” magazine, Skirtl, “San Antonio Woman” magazine, “Country Lifestyle” and “Destinations.”

Sosa’s pieces, inspired by Mexican folk art and Mesoamerican culture, are comprised of multiple mediums such as oils, gold leaf, wallpaper and fabric. Sosa said the technique is accomplished through collages and layering.

“I used oil on canvas primarily,” Sosa said. “I also did some oil portraits with collaging.”

Dina Wooten, Kathy Sosa’s assistant, said the art fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the gallery and the start of a new semester.

“I think it’s going to be a great compliment to its surroundings,” Wooten said. “The art itself, there’s so much going on with the colors and patterns that she uses with her style. It’s just very unique. I’m excited to get there and actually see the exhibit.”

Sosa said she hopes the exhibit has an impact on its viewers and introduces them to new styles and techniques.

“I hope people find beauty and pleasure in them,” Sosa said. “I hope they look at it and see something they can connect with.”

With a one-person exhibition, Sosa said she’s excited and honored to be featured in the A&M gallery and for students to be introduced to her work.

“The fact that the University wanted to give me this exhibition is a huge honor,” Sosa said. “It’s so exciting when a university like this expresses an interest in the show.”

Kelly Smith, senior kinesiology major, said she’s excited to see the exhibit and impressed with the University and their advocacy of the arts.

“As far as the art goes, it seems like she’s painting really emotional pieces,” Smith said. “I think it’s really cool that the University brings exhibits like this [to the MSC]. You don’t have to go to a museum to enjoy the art.”


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