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Halloween throwdown

Classic monsters battle it out for supremacy

The Battalion

Published: Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 01:10


Graphic by Tim Isaac

Creepy Spirit from Paranormal Activity- Silent but deadly, this villain tends to target suburban families with its eerie household pranks and occasional possessions. Though totally evil and a definite bad guy, this demonic character also shows some definite weaknesses in this competition, with breaking household items and setting small things aflame being its main haunting strategies.


(extra if you need it!) The real villainous activity seems to be rare and last minute for this bad guy, with the occasional possession and murder being the usual occurrence at a chilling end.


Jigsaw- With a knack for death traps and wearing a creepy mask, Jigsaw’s spine -chilling tendencies make him a tough contender in this battle of the bad guys. He certainly has the psychotic mastermind thing down, often inventing complicated and horrifying situations and games for his unwilling contestants.


Vampire- Though Bella and Edward wouldn’t last long, Bram Stoker’s Dracula or Fright Night’s Jerry could probably put up a pretty good fight in this competition. With mean sets of canines and super human strength, these bloodsuckers are pretty much indestructible, sans the stakes and garlic.


Werewolf- Body hair and mood swings describe this bad guy perfectly. With the temperament of a hormonal pre-teen and some super strength and speed, the quintessential werewolf is volatile and destructive in nature.  However, he depends on the full moon for his fur and fangs; without it, he’s just a normal guy.


Michael Myers- A killer and survivor to the core, Michael Myers just might be the winner of this fight. Jamie Lee Curtis was right to run from this bad guy, as shaking off fatal wounds and killing pretty much anyone who gets in his way seems to be his prerogative. Although completely human (with maybe the advantage of a great immune system), Myers has made himself a legend, with what seems like a million movies and hundreds of victims to show for it.

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