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Crafting personalizes dorm decor

Published: Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 00:01

“Homemade”, a term usually reserved for experiments in the kitchen, is being redefined by students.

DIY, or “Do It Yourself” projects, are taking over the world of cheap and fashionable dorm décor. With step-by-step instructions on sites like Tumblr and costs that don’t cut into pizza and gas money, many students are making it a point to use their own creativity to decorate their spaces and make them feel more like their own.

Many students enjoy crafting because of the affordable cost and personalized look of homemade décor.

“I wanted some cute, cheap decorations,” Mary Monday, sophomore industrial distribution major said. “I love DIY crafts because you can make something exactly how you want it and get it to match your personality perfectly for much less money.”

Monday said adding personal touches such as pictures to projects helps create a more “homey” feel when it comes to décor. She said collaging on canvases and crafting with frames can make for a fun, colorful and unique style.

Heather Zaruba, sophomore education major, said she and her roommates have made a pastime of DIY projects and crafting for their home.

“I like DIY crafts because it’s a hobby that I'm good at,” Zaruba said. “I like making my room my own.”

DIY household items range from dressers to smaller accessories, like placemats and holiday decorations. Canvases, pillow covers and refurbished antiques are some of the many projects students attempt for the homemade, unique look. Many different design ideas are found on social media websites such as Tumblr and Pinterest.

“I go to Pinterest to look up ideas and combine them into my own crafts,” Zaruba said. “There are great how-to instructions and they even list cheap materials from different stores.”

Cameron Salome, the owner of College Depot, said the Internet is a great way to find cheap and affordable ways to decorate household items, and that knowing what to search for is key in finding useful ways to decorate certain items.

“The web is your greatest tool,” Salome said. “When you search for ideas on the Internet, don’t just type in ‘dorm’ for key words. Type in ‘student’ and then whatever you’re looking for. It’s better to find that certain price point.”

Salome said that when using paints and everyday household items, some surfaces are better than others. According to Salome, metal and powder coated items are the best to craft with. He also recommended products such as E600, a type of superglue, for projects where joining materials is needed.

Salome also suggested that students avoid going over a set dollar amount and budget what money they have for basic materials and art supplies.

“Don’t spend more than $15 on your basic item, and then your art costs will be around $5, depending on how big the project is,” Salome said. “A $20 price is perfect for a student. That’s what you want to aim to spend.”


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