Aggies are counting down the days until they can return to College Station.

It’s been a while since most of the student population has seen the sun rise in Aggieland. From the nostalgic sounds of the Albritton bell tower ringing to even missing the crowds on Northgate, it’s no secret that there is a longing to be back on campus.

Time spent away from College Station has been extended at the hands of COVID-19, and with that comes the need to find ways to stay positive while students look forward to all being together again in Aggieland.

Biology junior Alyssa Chavez said taking advantage of the opportunity to be outdoors with her family has helped her pass this extra time.

“I’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors with my pets instead of staying in the house when I have free time,” Chavez said. “This lets me spend time with my younger siblings and enjoy the weather.”

As the warmer summer weather approaches, Chavez said she has found comfort in a southern staple that can be found on pretty much any porch.

“We have a porch swing,” Chavez said. “So it’s nice to sit down and relax with my Switch or with my sisters.”

Although summer is nearly in full swing, animal science sophomore Rebecca Deutsch said being at home has brought her new financial opportunities that she wouldn’t have received had she still been in College Station.

“I’m reminding myself of all the good things staying home this summer has brought,” Deutsch said. “I got an amazing job and an internship that I would not have been able to get if I was spending the summer in College Station. I’ve also been saving so much money by not being able to go out. I just keep reminding myself of these things while counting down the days until I’m back in Aggieland.”

When she is not working, Deutsch said riding her horses has helped her to maintain a positive attitude and a clear mind.

“I’ve gotten to spend so much more time riding horses with the flexible schedule of online classes,” Deutsch said. “It helps me take my mind off of all the bad things going on because I have to focus so much on what I’m doing.”

With a potential new “normal” to prepare for in the near future, management information systems sophomore Isaiah Phillips credits his passion for mountain biking for helping to focus and remain positive through it all.

“With such drastic changes blindsiding many of us and creating the semester of a lifetime, I have found that I have been able to pursue my passion for mountain biking even more than before,” Phillips said. “For me, mountain biking keeps me upbeat and positive, as well as having it act a mental cleanse.”

With just a few short months left until move-in day, Phillips said his love for nature is what is getting him through the withdrawals he is experiencing from being so far from the university he loves.

“Being out in nature allows your mind to drift and I find myself daydreaming about being back together in our beloved Aggieland,” Phillips said. “I can only imagine the buzz and excitement College Station will have in the fall, and I can’t wait to be reunited with my fellow Aggies.”

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