Thomas Csorba live at Lupa's

The backroom inside of Lupa’s Coffee temporarily turned into a music venue on the evening of March 1, with the musical performance of Thomas Csorba, an Americana singer from Houston, accompanied by his keyboard player Kevin Johnson.

The show lasted for an hour and consisted of Csorba’s original Americana songs.

“When I was 15, I started writing songs — probably more so to be cool than anything else,” Csorba said. “I don’t view these songs as mine, they already existed but they’re something that I got to write down on paper and share with others. [This] was a very special and transcendent experience.”

In a room about the size of a house living space, Csorba and Johnson set up in the center on a small rug surrounded by a close crowd of about 35. Csorba said he could feel the people were very engaged and present with the music that he was sharing with them.

“I love playing intimate shows, the songs can be better admired so much more,” Csorba said. “As a musician, playing live is the most together people can feel, especially in a day and age where everything might feel turbulent.”

Simon Park, economics senior and general manager of Lupa’s Coffee, said he would love to be able to host more traveling artists on tour and allow them to come and share their passion of music with College Station in the future.

“Having artists play really injects life into the city, and injects life into Lupa’s,” Park said. “It allows for us to be multi-dimensional rather than solely being a place to meet up or study. Having events like tonight allows for people to crave art, creativity and music.”

After the music wound down, Csorba spent his time mingling between the guests, engaging in conversation of praise and sharing enjoyment for the show put on. Rebekah Jolly, English sophomore, said she enjoyed the experience.

“I felt him really connect well with the crowd and make an effort to invite [us] into being a part of the show,” Jolly said. “We were in close quarters with him, very peaceful and enjoyable … The night had a very good flow.”

Jolly said she shared a deep connection made during the show with Csorba due to his song “Sweet Marie,” written about his love for his sister.

“It was so apparent through the song that he cares so deeply for his sister,” Jolly said. “You could see that this was someone he protects, cherishes and loves so much. It was so sweet to be able to see this relationship through this song. It really moved me.”

Jolly said she found admiration in his apparent passion because it brought life to his words and he even found humor in himself and laughed along with his songs.

“It’s important to understand what [music] has come before you so you can be a good steward of that,” Csorba said.

Csorba was headed to Waco, TX afterwards for his show March 3, and said he was thankful for the evening that had transpired.

“Lupa’s in general is great because they’re great people, and College Station has always been so good to me,” Csorba said. “There are so many good people in this town.”

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