The Femmatas, a women’s a cappella group at Texas A&M, build one another up while doing what they love.

The group performs on and off campus for events around the Bryan-College Station community and Texas. The Femmatas beatbox and harmonize, creating impressive melodies solely through the use of their own voices. The group is not only about performing, but is also a sisterhood of women who have become close friends.

Lindsey Walker, communication freshman, is an alto two and a beatboxer for The Femmatas. This is her second semester performing with the group.

“My friend told me about The Femmatas and then I ran into them at MSC open house last semester,” Walker said. “I was looking for a chill group to sing with and liked that they are smaller.”

Walker said the group has a great balance of wanting to perform but also having fun.

“I love how encouraging everyone is,” Walker said. “It’s definitely a sisterhood. I have also loved coming in with no beatboxing experience and them just encouraging me and showing me that I could try something new!”

Walker said the group recently recorded an EP, which was both a new and unique experience.

Lacey Pattie, business honors freshman, sings as an alto one for the group. She discovered The Femmatas while she was looking on MaroonLink for music organizations to join.

“I auditioned this semester because I loved the thought of having both a creative outlet and a close knit group of friends, and I’m so glad I did,” Pattie said. “To me, the best part of The Femmatas is that our differences unite us instead of dividing us.”

Pattie is a proud member of the a cappella group and said she knows she can always count on support from other members of The Femmatas.

“I know that if I ever need anything, whether it be someone to send a funny tweet to or a shoulder to cry on, these girls have my back,” Pattie said. “I’m so grateful to be part of such an amazingly kindhearted and talented group of women.”

Rheagan Borchardt, psychology sophomore, is treasurer for The Femmatas. She discovered The Femmatas her first semester at A&M when she heard them singing in the MSC and later saw them at MSC Open House. She said once she finally got the courage, she signed up for an audition and got in.

“The Femms allow me to continue my passion for singing in a unique and fun way,” Borchardt said. “We sing popular music and get to perform for others.”

Borchardt did not think she would get to continue with music after high school until she found the group.

“My first semester at A&M, I was in the MSC when I heard the most beautiful voices singing,” Borchardt said. “They’ve made my college experience everything I hoped for, and I know that I’ll have these friends for a lifetime.”

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