Many coffee shops are scattered across Aggieland, but what are the best coffee shops in College Station? When students absolutely must have an iced mocha in order to finish their essay, where do they turn? Life & Arts writer Lexi Ellis asked 16 students what their favorite coffee shop is, and then ranked them based on students’ responses.

1. Sweet Eugene’s

Sweet Eugene’s is arguably the most well known coffee shop in Aggieland. Located off Harvey and George Bush, it’s near campus, convenient and has low prices on iced coffee.

“Sweet Eugene’s always has amazing coffee and treats, and has served as a cozy home away from home,” Maddie Slater sophomore elementary education major.

Some students commented on the “eclectic” decorations, while others enjoy the pastries and coffee. For Madison Lewis, anthropology sophomore, the most important factor was how the environment affects her ability to work.

“Sweet Eugene's is my favorite coffee shop because it has the best atmosphere and the most outlets for my laptop,” Lewis said.

2. Lupa’s Coffee

Lupa’s is on Texas Avenue, close to campus, one of the more expensive iced coffee locations, but very popular among students. Students who frequent Lupa’s go there for the modern environment, free wifi and buttery biscuits.

“My favorite coffee shop has to be lupas coffee due to the great study environment, free wifi, ad cozy chairs,” Alexander Gova junior political science major said. “It’s never too loud to do homework or too silent to get coffee and socialize. Plus their baked goods are bomb,”

3. The Village Cafe

Located in downtown Bryan, this coffee shop is also an art gallery. Because it’s further from campus, it’s not as crowded as other coffee shops. Some students said they enjoy the smaller crowds, because it allows them to spread out while working. Others, like electrical engineering sophomore Charles Chapman, appreciate the art.

“They're super supportive of the local students and artists in the area and don't mind people staying there for a while to study or do homework,” Chapman said. “Plus the staff is always super nice and the food tastes great if you need a study snack.”

4. POV

POV is located directly next door to the new Stella Hotel and Lake Walk, a boardwalk overlooking the pond with colorful fountains and recreational area with a local market on Tuesdays.

“POV gives me a feeling of being in an urban environment while also a feeling of seclusion with a pond right by it,” communication sophomore Savannah Franks said. “The coffee is amazing.”

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