Evans Library

Evans Library is a popular on-campus study location among Texas A&M students.

While this semester might look different for many students, studying for exams and completing assignments has remained the same.

At the beginning of each semester, Texas A&M students search for a go-to study spot where they feel most productive. Although some of these popular locations may not be available due to COVID-19 precautions, students are making the necessary transitions to study locations where their health and safety is prioritized.

Communication junior Graceyn Tippens said her favorite on-campus study spots are the study rooms in Evans Library or near the Starbucks on the first floor.

“I love study rooms because they’re so quiet and it’s really easy for me to get work done if I’m in one alone,” Tippens said. “If I’m with friends, we sit near the Starbucks because having access to coffee is always nice. We usually see someone we know which allows for an easy study break if we end up talking to them real quick.”

Communication senior Alex Aarant said he recommends Evans Library as well because of its convenience and social studying opportunities.

"Evans is convenient for me because it's close to parking on campus,” Aarant said. “I enjoy studying in groups there."

On the other hand, biomedical sciences senior Roxy Mota said she prefers the Medical Sciences Library and West Campus Library because they offer comfortable work spaces and other benefits to help her remain focused.

“The libraries offer updated workspaces with great lighting and plenty of space to collaborate with other students when studying," Mota said. “The added plus of West Campus Library is that it is open 24 hours which is fantastic if you are staying up late to study for a test or working on assignments.”

For students who may feel more comfortable selecting an off-campus study location, Mota said she recommends Harvest Coffee Bar as a place to meet up with friends.

“There is just something about bonding with friends over a good cup of coffee while talking about life and ambitions that make studying in these locations very memorable,” Mota said.

Aarant said he also recommends his favorite coffee shop, Sweet Eugene’s, as an off-campus study option and for a more social experience.

“I enjoy this off-campus location because of the nice people who work there, and I can meet up with my friends to study,” Aarant said.

While coffee shops might be the preferred study route of many, Tippens said she prefers to study at home to avoid the problems that can come with on-campus locations.

“Boring, I know, but I like being in my own space if I’m studying off-campus,” Tippens said. “It’s nice to be in my room and home because I have access to all my stuff, so if I need anything it’s right there. I am also not tempted to spend money on coffee or food which usually ends up happening if I go somewhere else.”

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Mota said she has not been able to study on-campus or go to any of her favorite coffee shops.

“I used to frequently study on-campus and off-campus in libraries and coffee shops respectively, but I have transitioned to working from home full time,” Mota said. “While I hope to return one day, I am totally satisfied working from home.”

Tippens said since she can’t go to the library anymore she has found a way to make her home a comfortable study spot.

“It’s still a work in progress, but I’ve actually really liked working at my desk with my TV on in the background,” Tippens said. “I miss Evans Library a lot, but it’s also been nice to adapt to my own home and not have to leave.”

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