Messina Hof Bottle of Thanks

Messina Hof is offering a "Bottle of Thanks" program in which they will send a bottle of wine to healthcare workers to show appreciation.

National Wine Day may look a little different this May 25, but in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, one local company is using wine as a way to give back to the medical professionals who are working hard to ensure the nation’s safety.

For the next month, Messina Hof Wineries’ ‘Bottle of Thanks’ program is helping individuals send bottles of wine to healthcare workers with a note of gratitude.

Messina Hof co-owner Karen Bonarrigo said the winery is following its core value of blessing others and creating an opportunity for others to give medical workers “a hard-earned gift” and “a moment for them to unwind and relax.”

“‘Bottle of Thanks’ started as a way for us to voice our appreciation for the medical workers sacrificing time with their families and possibly their health to make sure our community is well,” Karen Bonarrigo said. “Right now, small gestures can mean a lot and we saw this as an opportunity for individuals to show their gratitude to someone in the medical community, those that clearly can benefit from some reprieve and, perhaps, some wine.”

Donors can either fill out a form online on the Messina Hof website or call any of the three Messina Hof wineries to place an order. Co-owner Paul Bonarrigo said gifted bottles with no designated recipient will be sent to a local hospital, where they will be distributed to their employees.

“Once the bottle of wine is selected to be sent, our team covers the cost of delivery or shipping, and includes a thank you note expressing gratitude that also includes the sender’s name,” Paul Bonarrigo said. “If you don’t have a particular recipient in mind, we have partnered with local hospitals in our Messina Hof communities to ensure it gets into the hands of a medical staffer.”

With National Wine Day falling on May 25, Karen Bonarrigo said this is a good time to think about life's blessings and pay those blessings forward to those who are continuing to make our world safer.

“National Wine Day is a fun excuse to pour yourself a glass and say cheers to exploring Texas wines,” Karen Bonarrigo said. “While this year is still a time to do that, it’s also an opportunity to be grateful for the little luxuries in life – like a bottle of wine. We think there is no better way for people to celebrate than by recognizing and being grateful for what we have and saying thank you to medical workers who have sacrificed so much.” 

In addition to thanking medical staff, this program helps support the family owned winery in Bryan as local industries continue to recover from the financial impact caused by the coronavirus.

“It goes without saying that the ripple effect of COVID-19 has been far reaching and its implications on the food and beverage industry are worse than we could imagine,” Paul Bonarrigo said. “Now more than ever, it’s imperative for the community to support local businesses in whatever capacity they can. This program is a win-win because we can show thanks to those on the front lines and also support our Messina Hof family as we return to work.”

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